10 ways to decorate your homes on a budget

Traditional off-white walls with wooden furniture have no style boundaries. One can always find it anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and spaces in between. It can be found on ornate, traditional and modern furniture, but then again, has the traditional ways lost all the spark? Suffering from ‘Home inferiority complex’? Or are you simply bored with the old and conventional home decoration ways? Summer is the perfect season to get the perfect look you’re looking for, to up your game while maintaining a budget that works for you to decorate your home in affordable yet savvy ways.

A few essentials to remember, first and foremost, plan out the vision. The cardinal rule being, quality over quantity, how minimal yet perfect outburst of colors and furniture would give the perfect summer look to give your homes the much-needed makeover. Prioritizing the needs and set up a budget. Once all is planned out, Happy Redecorating!

Color away:
Since the temperatures in summers are soaring, colors should be treated the same way. The basic change that can be brought easily is by changing the color of the walls. One can either opt for bright colors with toned furniture or light colors with striking furniture. Since most households have wooden furnishings such as the shades of mahogany, walnut or cheery stained, the go-to colors would be any lighter shades, like hues of blue, green or the sunny side of the color spectrum. Similarly, light-colored wooden and metallic furniture would show up boldly against a dark or strong shades on the walls, to get a more royal and complete look.

It’s mint to be:

Want to uplift the atmosphere of your home? The simplest technique is adding indoor plants to rooms or bedrooms for a fresh take. To give rooms an open look, one should opt for nominal furniture and then add large indoor plant pots like the Norfolk Island pine, kentia palm, Philodendron or Croton. Plants remove toxins from the air and act as natural purifiers that help us to breathe easily and help improve health. As fashionable as it is, indoor plants are equally beneficial.

Modernity pop:

If you are looking to add new furniture, ditch the conventional wooden pieces in exchange for singular statement pieces like ottomans, large wooden or metallic lanterns, round or boldly cut mirror shapes, coffee tables or by adding lamps. From floor lamps to illustrious table lamps, minimal furniture is the key for a room to attain an open, breezy yet, the absolute look. Another concurrent trend that has come forward is utilizing filaments bulbs to create a cluster and suspending them from the ceiling to give a more unique look. This is creating a statement in its own and transforming the whole ambiance into something more distinctive.

Set. Pattern. Match
Bring into play funky patterns on cushion covers to put on plain sofas, or rugs is also a modern technique to up your home game and resorting to painting the causal seating areas casual into a striking canvas. Rugs are a wonderful take to make a statement, particularly when used in rooms that are little on the dull side. If your room is neutral, a bold rug could bring about the change you’re looking for. But it is equally important to focus on the windows. Typical houses in Pakistan’s have grilled windows, but that can be modified as well. For the window spaces to appear clean and irradiate, firstly, replace old railing with rods, Secondly, drape the windows with matching curtains to be light and plain with a flowy fabric like voile, nylon net or lace.

Mantle time:
Another way to redecorate your house on a budget is by decorating the mantle place if there is one already present. If not, simply adding a wooden plank will bring about the change one is looking for. By painting the wall behind the mantle, a significant change can be brought to any room. The next move should be adding some crafts and accessories, like a couple of books, small pots of indoor plants or colored decoration pieces that are all affordable means to decorate your homes.

A trip down the memory lane:

To bring a more homely feeling to any room is by adding a bunch of picture frames, either nailed on systemically or in different patterns, on a single colored wall. Depending on the paint of the walls, the effects of the pictures should be decided. For a retro classic look, one must opt for black and white pictures, with classic black frames on a vibrant colored wall. But for a more funky approach, adding colored pictures on a hue painted wall will bring life to that room. Simple technique while you get to treasure the beautiful memories on your walls.

Keep those toilets clean:
As important as it is for one to redecorate their homes, decorating bathrooms is also equally calming. A few simple measures to do that is adding a printed shower curtain to bring life and affixing racks or shelves. This is a hygienically important step as it clears out the mess and makes space. One can always decorate the washrooms by sorting out the toiletries to save up time and again clearing out the mess. Again adding small indoor plant pots can be beneficial to cleanse the air.

Awaken your sensibilities:

Summers means boiling temperature, high AC bills and added stress. Why not reduce some of that stress by lighting up some ‘scented candles’, as they are a feasible way to add funk to your rooms and feel good. In order to feel light, it is essential to use sweet and light scents to feel easy rather than strong scents.

These are some of the most convenient ways to brighten your homes up. We can’t wait for you to try up some of these basic techniques. Leave pictures in the comments section below if you have redecorated your homes or any room. You can always share some tips on how we could redecorate our homes or apartment on a budget. Once again, happy redecorating.

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