Afghan visa mandatory for all Pakistani transporters

LANDI KOTAL: In a pamphlet distributed by the Afghan border police at Torkham, acquisition of the Afghan visa has been made mandatory along with keeping other relevant travel documents like driving licence, road pass and original number plate of the vehicle for all Pakistani transporters to enter Afghanistan.

The deadline to fulfil these documents is till the end of the month of September, after which anyone without these documents would not be allowed to enter the country.

Surprised by the new restrictions that were implemented by the Afghan government, president of the local transporters union Israr Shinwari opposed the conditions to be applied and said that the new conditions were not acceptable to them as it would harm trade with Afghanistan.

He further expressed that the officials of both countries should sit together to sort out the matter and take the transporters into confidence as it could seriously undermine Pakistan’s efforts to enhance bilateral trade with Afghanistan.

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