Allotment plan for new kiosks in Islamabad given up

Islamabad:      The allotment plan for new kiosks in Islamabad sectors was given up by Federal Interior Minister Ijaz Shah after Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) disagreed with the idea.

Earlier, the federal minister had directed CDA to earmark land in different sectors for the establishment of kiosks, in addition to preparing their allotment plan. The CDA then proposed 12 urban and 7 rural locations where these kiosks were to be established.

However, in a follow-up meeting where further decisions upon the matter were expected to take place, officials from MCI and CDA raised objections regarding the establishment of further kiosks. They argued that the civic agencies are already conducting anti-encroachment operations against illegally constructed or encroached kiosks; therefore, any decision to license further kiosks will negatively impact the drive.

Followed by prolonged debate, the federal minister finally agreed to the idea and decided not to allot space to new kiosks.

The matter of the allotment of kiosks in the capital city has a long history, as it has always involved the interests of bureaucrats, politicians and other influential parties. Therefore, it has remained in the limelight time and again.

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