Alternatives to Traditional Air Conditioning to Consider

The summer season in Pakistan is getting longer and hotter. The soaring and scorching temperatures have increased the demand for HVAC cooling systems. Everyone wants a convenient and quick solution to counteract this long summer.

However, this blog is intended for awareness and to introduce you to some of the affordable, less maintenance, and eco-friendly options that you can consider for an HVAC system. These are constantly cycling, energy-hogging compressors, and environmentally unfriendly chemical coolant systems emit a high percentage of CO2 and chlorofluorocarbon into the air, which is why as a responsible citizen of the world, alternatives will be worth taking a look at, not to mention that these options will also greatly bring down your utility bill.

Although in the1980s, the HVAC systems were ruled was phased out because it’s the emissions from HVAC were causing great damage to the protective ozone layer, and in the year 1980, they were eventually ruled out. But the chemicals that were replaced are now 2100 times stronger and harmful greenhouse gasses than CO2.

Given below are the three types to consider and help you decide your best-suited option:

1.  Ductless Systems

If you are just getting to know the term, imagine combining a window unit and central air to make it simpler. Also known as mini-split systems, ductless air conditioning systems are coming into the highlight as an attractive alternative choice. These are energy-efficient and can instantly cool the entire home from a central zone. You can also customize the temperature of each room accordingly.

2.  Heat Pumps

If you are reading this from a region that does not have to go through the harsh winter season, then heat pumps are for you—this is a system with both functions of a heater and air-cooling conditioner. The working is simpler; they push out the hot air inside your home and replace it with cooler air. They can be very efficient for areas such as Karachi.

3. Window Units

Introducing an affordable and energy-efficient option for budget-conscious people. Window units work by consuming electricity. Window units’ owners can choose to cool only certain rooms in use than paying for the entire house. If you do not have a budget for a mini-split system, then having a window unit will suit you the most.

4.  Swamp Coolers

Best for hot and dry climates such as Lahore. These electrified swamp units work by taking in the outdoor air, cooling it, and blowing it inside. They use moisture to cool the air. A very good affordable alternative option that uses only a quarter of the energy. Swamp coolers are mobile and also quicker and cheaper to install. Note that they do, however, require a lot of maintenance.

5.  Ice Bear System

This system has not been introduced in Pakistan yet, but for the sake of knowledge, one must know. An ice bear system is like a large thermal storage tank that produces ice at night – since the cost/demand is low at night for energy – and gives out ice-cold air in the day. Very much like a cooler that people use during summer. The energy-intensive compressor is turned off during the daytime when electricity cost is peaking.

Harmful Effects of ACs

  • Sinus Congestion, Respiratory Problems & Asthma

Accumulated pollen, bacteria, and dust in the duct and air filter causes sinus congestion, asthma attacks, and respiratory tract infections since a lot of dust build-up releases from the air. Have you ever noticed your eyes and nose getting dried up from spending a long time in a cooled room? Then you have your answer.

  • Frequent Colds

Frequent colds are very common that occur due to the viruses that thrive in low temperatures. Your immune system also gets affected by the constant temperature change from outside heat and inside cold. Resulting in constriction of your blood vessels in the nose and throat. Additionally, this also minimizes your white blood cell count, which is crucial for fighting viruses and diseases. A weak immune system makes you more susceptible to catching viruses.

  • Dry Air

Spending all day under the AC can make your skin and sinuses dry out, which can cause breathing problems, eventually leading to dehydration and fatigue.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

If you do not maintain your AC properly, this can lead to a refrigerant leak that does not have any smell or noise, and you won’t even know that you are getting poisoned with the leak.

Benefits of Alternative AC Systems

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything, good and bad. Following, we have discussed some of the most important benefits of an alternative air conditioning system.

  • Energy Saver:

One of the most significant benefits of a ductless air-cooling system is having an energy saver on your hands. According to research, about 20-30 percent of homes lose energy due to leaks, poor installation, and subpar connections through the air ducts; this accounts for a massive wastage of energy and money. Rid yourself of this worry and get a ductless system for cooling.

  • Cool on Demand:

Cool your house only when you need it because the ductless air conditioning systems only use energy when needed. If you link up multiple units together, you can easily customize a central cooling zone in the entire house.

  • Easy Installation:

Next time you’re thinking of renovation, do consider an alternative cooling system. What would be better than having a convenient installation of your cooling system? That’s right, knowing that the traditional AC takes up a lot of time on installing, your other better option for cooling is built to provide comfort by having them installed in spaces of your house that are least used, such as the basement, guest room, etc.

  • Improved Air Quality:

The ductwork in the ACs collects a lot of dust, dirt, and other allergens that deter the air quality inside your home; however, with an alternative cooling system, you can enhance and refine the indoor quality. It is important to keep in mind to keep changing the air filter on and off to maintain proper care and maintenance of these systems.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

Having an environmentally friendly product or appliances in times will do a great service to not only your house but also to the environment. Alternative cooling options are less harmful as they do not produce refrigerant leaks.


Pakistan has been extensively working towards creating awareness and producing environmentally friendly coolants to help save ozone layer depletion and global warming. People tend to forget that destroying the ozone layer will only spawn the need for more and more air conditioning since the weather and seasons around the world are becoming extremely harsh. It is high time to reflect on our usage of resources that can lead to scarcity very soon.

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