Islamabad: Amazon Super League (ASL) Season 2 is here. Amazon Lions were the champion team in ASL Season 1. The ASL Season 2 will see the defending champions Amazon Lions battle it out against ASL Season 2 favorites Amazon Gladiators and Amazon Warriors. Amazon Super League is a club-level cricketing tournament aimed at encouraging cricketing talent. The Imarat Group of Companies is the key sponsor for the Amazon Super League Season 2.

The Amazon Super League Season 2 is kicking-off on March 26 at the Ayub Park Rawalpindi. The ASL is night-cricket family event with free entrance to the venue. The opening ceremony of the tournament will see all the teams gather under the banner of Amazon Super League. The top management of ASL including Graana Group of Companies Director Farhan Javed, Graana Group of Companies Director Arslan Javed and Director Agency 21 International Sharjeel A. Ehmer will be present at the occasion.

This three day night-cricket tournament will be played across three days and between six teams. These teams include Amazon Gladiators, Amazon Panthers, Amazon Warriors, Amazon Lions, Amazon Tigers and Amazon Hawks.

The first two days will see teams battle in the qualifier rounds. On the third and the last day of the cricket tournament two semi-final matches and one final match will be played.

The Amazon Super League is designed to be a family event. The event will have food, music and entertainment facilities for the attending public. Families can join in the fun and excitement in a pleasant evening setting. Seating arrangements are available at the venue.

The Amazon Super League Season 1 was first launched in March 2018 and has since then remained a favorite for club-level cricketing fans. The Amazon Super League is a sports brand owned and operated by the Imarat Group of Companies. The teams comprise of employee fraternity of the Imarat Group of Companies , Agency 21 International and Graana Group of Companies. The purpose of Amazon Super League is to provide a visible platform for cricketing talent and contribute to the well-being of the employees. The Amazon Super League is a yearly event with plans to expand its footprint across other cities of Pakistan.


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