Artec secures a place in World Championship of Projection Mapping in Berlin

ISLAMABAD: With the winner to be selected by the audience through online voting from the top six finalists, Pakistan’s very own Artec – Fast Marketing Tech secures its place as one of the finalists in the World Championship of Projection Mapping through the 15th ‘Festival of Lights’ event that is taking place in Berlin, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

By showcasing the projection mapping on Berlin’s Television Tower, Artec embellishes the city with Pakistan’s famous truck art, the theme of their projection mapping, as Berlin turns into the largest open-air gallery in the world.

Being a permanent feature of the Festival of Lights since 2015, the best video mapping artists from around the world compete against each other to present their visions on famous landmarks in World Championship of Projection Mapping. As six finalists are shortlisted, the winner will be elected by the audience worldwide through voting online.

Transforming the city’s renowned landmarks, over 180 light productions will illuminate the city for ten days as the festival will span from October 11th till October 20th, 2019. Some of the famous work will include artwork contributions by great artists such as Thierry Noir and Otto Waalkes.

Having conducted a show of projection mapping for the Saudi Embassy that celebrated the colours and heritage of Saudi Arabia at the 89th Saudi National Day Celebration in Serena, Islamabad and Amazon Mall, Artec’s client list includes some of the most renowned brands like Ogilvy, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Graana, Samsung, and Emirates.

Being the master of not just projection mapping, Artec specialises in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as well.

They played their part in representing their country Pakistan, on the international platform. It is our duty now to make Pakistan win.

Click here to vote for Team PAKISTAN and bring home the title – World Champions of Projection Mapping.

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