Balochistan govt seeks to modernise province’s agriculture

ISLAMABAD: The Balochistan government aims to modernise the dilapidated agriculture sector of the province by the provision of the latest equipment and techniques to cope with the water shortage in the province. The province has huge potential in the agro sector but water scarcity and prolonged drought had badly destroyed the agriculture of the province, said Balochistan government spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani.

He further added that the government is proactively acting according to the challenge posed by the drastic climate conditions of Balochistan and prioritising the resolution of the issues in the agriculture sector. Shahwani said that agriculture is the foundation of the country’s economy and it provides 50% employment opportunities to the country’s workforce.

He apprised of the measures taken by the government to increase agricultural output by devising out of the box strategies and the leadership of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has been pivotal to this change in approach.

Shahwani said that, with the aid of innovative technology, record production can be achieved. He informed that under this initiative, in the first phase, the Agriculture Department officers will be provided proper training on latest parameters at divisional headquarters. The second phase will see a passing of the knowledge to farmers to modernise their agriculture practices.

“Water shortage is the most serious problem in Balochistan as the province was not getting its due share of water,” he said, adding that the government would resolve the issue soon to ensure the provision of water.

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