Bus service to start within Rawalpindi city

RAWALPINDI:            The Rawalpindi divisional administration plans to start a bus service in the cantonment and within the city to cater to transport shortage on Peshawar Road, Airport Road and Jhelum Road, Divisional Commissioner Saqib Zafar told media.

The new transport service will connect different areas of the city, in addition to linking Islamabad with Rawat. Investors in this regard would be invited once the plan is finalised.

Since construction work on the Metro from Rawalpindi to the International Airport is already in progress, the bus will remain limited to city’s premises, he added.

Transport Association Chairman Raja Riaz said that the government should allocate routes to private bus services so that transport shortage is taken care of in different regions.

He added that the local transport fares should now be increased as soared petroleum prices have made the business quite tough. If the fares are not increased, the transporters could go on a wheel-jam strike after Eid-ul-Azha.

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