Cabinet likely to approve amendments in NAB’s law

ISLAMABAD:  The federal cabinet is likely to approve the proposed amendments in the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) powers in the next meeting.

Reportedly, in the last meeting, the cabinet members had expressed reservations over NAB’s powers, terming the bureau’s investigations “haphazard and unstructured”.

Instead of properly investigating the white-collar crimes, the bureau has involved itself with the disputes of political parties, which opens doors for misuse of power. Therefore, on August 31, the Ministry of Law and Justice drafted new laws to amend the rules of the NAB.


Drafted Amendments in the NAB’s Law

  • The accountability courts will have the authority to decide the bail pleas.
  • NAB law would not apply to a person if he is not a public officeholder.
  • NAB should not take action against government employees on departmental defects.
  • NAB would prosecute over 50 million corruption cases and scandals.
  • NAB is to stay away from taking notice of offences based on procedural lapses.
  • NAB is to act against a government employee if he/she has a criminal intent or his/her assets had grown illegally or unjustifiably.

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