CDA approves 4 sites for graveyards in rural Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board has approved four sites for establishing graveyards in the rural areas of Islamabad.

During a meeting of the CDA board with CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, sites located at Lakhwal, Bhara Kahu, Farash and Humak were approved. The decision was taken after consistent complaints from the residents of these areas who needed a place to bury their dead.

Areas of the Sites

Bhara Kahu and Farash Town                        100 kanals each

Humak                                                                        50 kanals

“Being a development agency, it is CDA’s responsibility to provide the people in rural areas land for graveyards,” said the CDA chairman.

Population in the capital’s rural areas is increasing rapidly. Half of the two million population of Islamabad lives in the rural regions, which increased by around 7% since the last census. Out of the total 50 union councils, 32 are located in the rural regions.

Islamabad’s urban areas have a designated graveyard at H-11, but no such facility is available for the rural areas, though it is critically required.

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