CDA approves high-rise constructions in Islamabad

Islamabad: Post-approval by the federal cabinet, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given a go-ahead for the construction of high rise commercial buildings in Islamabad. The decision was made at the board meeting chaired by the CDA Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed.

The meeting also discussed the establishment of a commercial strip in sector I-9, restoration policies, plot cancellations, by-laws, changing road names, alterations in floor-area ratio, the status of Sector I-15 and land transfers to the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF).

As per agreed principles, high rises could be constructed along with areas that have right of way of 300 yards in Blue Area, Sectors G-8, G-9, G-10, G-11, and the Kashmir Highway. According to CDA, new policies will apply to new buildings only and no changes in the permissions will be made for existing multi-story buildings, especially Class-III. Contractors will be bound to present the prospective building plan and the number of plants to be planted within boundaries.

The policy states that only large plots will be used for high-rises and an area more than 2400 square yards cannot be covered on a plot of 3000 sqyds. Buildings no taller than 18 storeys will be allowed only. Space between floor and ceiling must be minimum of 10.5 feet. A covered area of 2,500 sqyds will only be allowed on a structure with 5,000 sqyds area and could be applied to build a 45-48 storey building.

The board has also decided that 508 kanals of land for the PMā€™s low-cost housing project, should be acquired by the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF)Ā as per approval by the federal cabinet. Post-approval of the policy, the empty land will be auctioned by CDA alongside the double road in Sector I-9. It will be utilized for constructing high-rises and the amount generated will be used for city development.

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