CDA ensures timely completion of Islamabad Expressway projects

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Expressway projects, including PDW Underpass and Korang Bridge, will be concluded by the deadlines set for June 30 and December 31, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) ensured.

Since October, work on 40 out of 68 piles have been completed, whereas 16 out of 33 girders accomplished under the Korang Bridge project worth Rs650 million.

The authorities have also completed 70 per cent of work on the retaining walls.

The asphalt work is in progress on the east side ramps of the PWD Underpass, where the traffic will be diverted upon completion. The authorities have also completed shifting of utility services like IESCO and SNGPL.

The signal-free and U-turns-free road till project aimed at averting traffic jams will smooth out the flow for the daily commuters and residents living in housing societies along Islamabad Expressway and other adjoining areas.


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