CDA to commence improvement of Islamabad Expressway from Koral to Rawat

Islamabad:      The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to start work on improving Islamabad Expressway from Koral to Rawat section. In a press release, the civic body said that it will improve protected U-turns around PWD and Pakistan Town.

The Chairman CDA directed the CDA’s engineering wing and traffic police to survey the area and propose interventions that could be helpful for easing traffic on Koral-Rawat section on an emergency basis.

Reportedly, it would be an interim arrangement to smooth the traffic flow, as CDA had asked the federal government for Rs10 billion for the expansion of Islamabad Expressway, but could not receive any.

The interim arrangements would include repair of roads, removal of potholes, making slip lanes for entrance and exit of PWD and Pakistan Town, and widening of the U-turn at PWD signal, the press release mentioned.

The improvement work will be supported by housing colonies and CDA resources.

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