Choosing schools. Choosing futures.

What is the power of education?

An incredibly empowering force on the face of this earth. With the power to generate knowledge that is shared, education builds the confidence to put your stand forward as it breaks down the barriers to opportunity. Considering children, it is their key to open the door to a life that education transforms.

Spreading the power of education is generally linked to the exposure of children. Any kind of educative exposure can lead a child miles forward. However, the important question is that what would the most reliable place, where is a child is deemed to grow and learn?

School is the best place for a child to learn, to grow, to learn how to live.


Choosing the future…

A very basic question for all the parents out there, how do you pick the best school for your child?

Whether you are choosing a public or private school, and whether or not you are paying tuition, careful planning is fundamental to undertake any decision. Choosing a school is not only fulfilling your duty as a parent to your children, but it’s also a road you’ll make your child walk-on for the rest of their lives. To choose a school for your children is choosing a future with them.

You are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child as rewarding as possible. Choose a learning place for your child keeping in mind what will work best for the development of your child’s personality, strengths, needs, and interests. Another important aspect to consider is how different schools’ cultures and values fit with your family values and lifestyle. The exposure out there in today’s modern era is immense, but how much are you letting your child take in and in the course of how much time, matters a lot.

The most important aspect of school life is not just learning – the relationship or friendships a child builds and learns to build with other people to follow after are vital for a child’s growth. For children, secure friendships sustained over time play a key role in ensiling feelings of confidence and self-worth. They also allow children to adjust better to school and form positive values as learning is welcomed. Close friendships that are nurtured through the age of adolescence, encourage children’s social development and help them build other significant relationships.

It is clear that as much as learning counts, the friendships children make in school, can have a long and lasting impact.

Choosing schools

Every society is divided into different segments today. We have the liberals, parents who might want their children to grow and know the latest trends and be able to match their strides with kids internationally, who believe that spending a large sum on their children’s education would ensure their bright future. On the other hand, there are parents who are looking for schools for their children that generate good results along with having a healthy environment with an affordable fee structure.

There are four things that define if any school is good enough or not. Those things are; ethics, manners, respect, and learning. If any school can cover all these aspects, you’ve ensured a very bright future for your child.

So the next part of my write-up focuses on naming the top schools in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, where you can ensure that your children will get quality education and will grow up to be someone who you’re proud of.


Beaconhouse School system:

Being an alumnus of the Beaconhouse school system in Rawalpindi, I would, of course, be a little biased and along with starting my list with this, would recommend this institution. Speaking from personal experience, this institution ticks all the boxes above, in teaching your child to be the best version of themselves. With the motto of ‘seek the light’, this institution ensures quality education.

Beaconhouse school system (BSS) has multiple branches spread all over the twin cities to accommodate the masses here. They are further divided into categories of branches;

1. Kindergarten:

Serving the junior ones first, BSS has four separate branches spread across the Federal capital that are ready to accommodate your child. The kindergarten branches are situated in F-7/4, F-8/2, F-10/4, and I-8 respectively.

Taking into account these locations, Sector F and I are considered to be hubs that accommodate not only mass residents but also a significant amount of commercial activities in respective areas. Sector I is on the crossroads between the twin cities, that can accommodate citizens of both the cities. On the other hand, Sector F is more accommodating for the residents of Islamabad. As commute to all three is easily accessible in terms of road connectivity, along with the presence of different means of transports being available, like school buses and private transport vehicles.

2.Primary Branch:

Being present at almost the same localities as the KG branches, the primary branches of BSS are divided among E-11, F-7/1, F-7/3, F-10/ 4 and F-11/4.

Again, the availability of public and private transport makes it easier for the masses to be easily accommodated by these branches. They’re located within the reach of residents of all these sectors, which could prefer sending their children to these branches.

3. Senior Branch:

There are two main branches that accommodate children of this age group to groom them by providing secondary education till grade eleven. Out of the two branches, one accommodates the boys, whereas the other accommodates the girls, separately.

Both these branches are situated in sector F-11/4, Islamabad.

4. Campuses:

Taking forward their vision of building a state-of-the-art purpose-built campus to facilitate the students, BSS has the following four main campuses in Islamabad:

Beaconhouse Margalla Campus (BMI):

The red-bricked campus located in H-8/4 is the oldest operating branch and an equally renowned branch of BSS. It is a campus that covers a huge area, with sky-high buildings, neatly trimmed basketball fields, as well as basketball courts. This campus is set to accommodate children seeking education from KG till A levels.


 Beaconhouse Educational Complex (BEC):

The campus has recently been shifted to G-15, which accommodates Montessori level education till A-levels. With multiple playing fields and courts, and an indoor swimming pool, this branch also offers an archery range.


BSS Newlands, Banigala:

It is a boarding and day boarding facility, which provides facilities, in terms of multiple playing fields like, badminton, basketball, and football, along with an aquatic centre. So for the nearby residents, if you have children from KG to – A levels, this can be a great option.



Roots School System:

Roots schools system has been crowned as the best school system in the Twin Cities. With the slogan calling out ‘shaping futures: Educating for tomorrow’s world’, Roots school system is divided into 2 different parent brands, namely Roots Ivy International and Roots International Schools.

Roots Ivy International:

Having all the major branches in Rawalpindi, Roots Ivy University College is situated in sector F-8. It aims to offer a high-quality learning experience and create a meticulous learning environment for its students. Each section promises quality assurance mechanisms to help your child grow and be a better version of themselves.

Strategically situated in the center sector F-8, this educational hub can be easily accessed by the residents of the nearby localities. Being connected through the Margalla Road, it makes it accessible for the residents of Sectors E-8 to E-10.

If you’re a resident of F-7 and F-8, Jinnah Avenue is there to accommodate you. Whereas the residents of Sector G-7 to G-9 can utilize Faisal Avenue to reach sector F-8. With numerous amenities provided in this sector, if your child requires education from secondary to higher level, this branch is the answer.


Roots International Schools:


With the aim to develop versatility and welcome holistic individuals, Roots offers to mentor them to able to achieve academic excellence through a balanced and disciplined approach to turn their lives around. It has strived to groom their students intellectually and make them morally strong, empathetic and effective global citizens.

Three major branches in Islamabad are:

1. Repton Campus:

Situated in Sector G-15/2, this branch can accommodate residents of G-15/1 to G-15/4 and F-6/2 and nearby areas.

2. Winchester Campus:

Located in G-13/2, it is set to accommodate the residents nearby.

3. Wellington campus:

Situated close to the Islamabad expressway, this branch of RIS accommodates many localities. Accessible not only to sectors H/8-1 -3, this branch is also accessible to the residents of 1-8/2 and 1-8/3. This branch is well-connected through the expressway.

The Millennium University College (TMUC):

The grand building of TMUC is located in Sector H-11/4. Being the largest building of this school system, it accommodates a vast number of students with state-of-the-art-facilities.

This branch serves students starting from the secondary level, right to providing A-class higher education, along with having multiple ties to renowned international universities. TMUC is home to 28 clubs and societies, their own auditorium, and provides gym services along with multiple playing fields.

With so many facilities offered and opportunities to gain from, this is one of a kind experience and one of the best opportunities that one can give to their children.


The City School:

Another fast-growing institution, the City School aims to provide good education for its students ensured through quality learning and mentoring so that they can help them build a better tomorrow for themselves.

1. The City School, Nursery Branch:

Situated in G-10/3, if you have children seeking education on the junior level, this branch provides education from nursery till grade 2.

2. The City, Nursery:

Located in I-8/2 and connected through the Islamabad Expressway, this branch accommodates children belonging to PG-KG.

3. City school, Junior Branch:

If your child requires the education from PG till grade 5, this branch fulfils the requirement. It is all set to accommodate nearby locals of F-8/3.

4. The City School, Junior Branch:

This branch provides education to PG till grade 4 and is located in G-15/1.

5. The City School Campus:

Being one of the main campuses in Islamabad, this campus accommodates students from the junior to higher level. So if your child needs education from PG till A levels, you’re looking for options that provide matriculation education, this is your campus to look.

6. The City School, Capital Campus:

Located in sector H-8/1, this campus provides the same quality education but for students from grade 1 to A-Levels.


Lahore Grammar School:

Being exceptionally renowned in Lahore, this school system started from Lahore and ended up expanding in the federal capital as well.

LGS Islamabad’s only branch is located in H-8/1. It provides education from kindergarten till A-levels, with their A-levels being quite good.


Schola Nova:

Schola Nova is a local private school, established in the heart of the federal capital. Located in sector F-8/3, Schola Nova has been educating the youth, with children ranging from pre-nursery to O and A-Levels.

Both, junior and senior branches are located side by side in sector F.


Overseas Pakistanis Foundation School:

1. OPF Girls College:

With a promise to provide top-class education, the girls’ college is located in Sector F-8/2.

In a segregated environment quality education is provided.

2. OPF Boys College:

One located in sector H 8/4, whereas the other one is located in Sector H 9/4. With the quality education that they provide, these institutions are quite popular as well.

These are some of the handpicked educational institutions in Islamabad that you should consider if you’re looking for a great and quality educational experience for your child.

Happy choosing a future for your children.


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