The dream of every parent is to enroll their children in a decent school that provides them with not just quality education but refines them morally and ethically too. There is no dearth of schools and colleges in Rawalpindi but finding a quality one matters the most. Continuity of the previous blog, this blog is a list of some of the best schools in Rawalpindi.

*Disclaimer* this list is not meant to degrade other schools or their values. It is a personal take on schools that, as per sources, are found to be among the top educational institutions that provide quality education in Rawalpindi.


Army Public School and College

“I shall rise and shine”… this is the slogan that defines Army Public School (APS) school system. Multiple branches are situated all around Rawalpindi, which makes accessibility easier.



Spread across five different locations, the APS campuses cater to the needs of students that are looking for education from the junior-most level, i.e. PG till the Secondary level, along with providing A-Levels education as well. These campuses are located in different areas, namely, Fort road, Lalkurti, Askari 14, Misrial Road and Westridge3.
So, if you’re a resident of Lalazar, Askari 13- 14, Family Welfare Centre, Khayaban-e-Jinnah Colony, Col. Shuja Sher Colony, Lalkurti or reside on Peshawar Road or nearby, make sure you check out the campuses, as this school system is a very capable network that provides quality education.


APS Girls and Boys branch:

Operating separately, to accommodate education in a segregated environment, these branches cater both girls and boys from primary to secondary level in terms of education. Since both the schools are situated in Lalazar, it’s easier for people living in Old and New Lalazar to check this option out.




Located on Peshawar Road, Golrah Morh, Froebel’s promises to be a capable educational hub that would derive your child forward towards building a better future. Froebel’s not only grooming your child to become the best version of themselves, but they also provide well-crafted education.

This is the only existing campus in Rawalpindi. This campus accommodates students who want to receive education up-till A-levels.

The location of this campus accommodates residents of Westridge, Peshawar Road, and EME colony.


Saint Mary’s Academy:

Another school system that is located in Lalazar and is one of the best options, is Saint Mary’s Academy (SMA).

An educational institution that caters to children from the junior-most level, i.e. PG till A-Levels -SMA also provides a chance to achieve higher education, offering an opportunity to peruse Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Offering services to not only brighten your child’s future, but SMA also provides facilities that help children grow equally well on fields by providing multiple fronts like cricket, football, tennis basketball, volleyball and badminton courts.


Fauji Foundation School:


Affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary education, Fauji Foundation School System has established quite a name for itself as it caters to all the educational needs of children, both boys and girls, from PG to Secondary level.

With several branches spread all across Rawalpindi, Fauji Foundation Model School can be found on Peshawar Road, Murree Road, Adyala Road, Airport Road, and Morgah, Rawalpindi.

Accessibility, to reach any of these branches is not an issue. The school is very well connected through different roads, so if you’re looking for a new school for your child, your list just got updated.


Fauji Foundation, Senior Girls and Boys Branch:

This school system is further divided into two separate branches for boys and girls, which are located in New Lalazar and provide education from primary to secondary level.


Roots School System:

A school system that rose to fame, Roots School System (RSS) is one of the best options in town that not only provides a fulfilling educational experience for your child but an extensive scholarship programme that offers their students the opportunity to gain higher education from international institutions.

Branched out throughout the city, RSS can be found on Harley Street. There are two separate branches, one catering children seeking junior-level education, and the second one being the girls’ branch that provides primary to secondary-level education.


RSS, Rawal Campus:

A grand campus located on the 6th Road in Satellite Town, this school provides education starting from the basic junior level for children, covering secondary-level to A -Levels for both boys and girls.

Roots Ivy International and Roots International School – the two branches of RSS that cater to the residents of DHA Phase 1 and 2, Bahria Town Phase 1-7, Safari Villas 2 and Gulraiz are located near these colonies. Both these branches are campuses that provide education starting from Montessori to A-Levels.


Roots Ivy International, Flagship Campus, Main GT Road:

Roots Ivy International is connected through the main G.T Road, as it located right outside Bahria Town Phase 8.


RIS, DHA Campus:

The branch of Roots International School is located in DHA-1 which serves the nearby residents by providing the quality education it promises.


Roots Millennium School:

One of the largest branches of RSS is located in Phase 8 extension of Bahria Town which has recently been introduced and is an expanding locality in Bahria Town. Due to the locality being situated in the suburbs of Rawalpindi, one of the best schools is situated at a prime location that accommodates the educational requirements of the nearby residents.
With multiple playing facilities, this branch welcomes students that require education from Montessori level to A- level.


RSS, Flagship Campus:

For the residents of Chakala Scheme 1-3, Askari 4 and 10, and Civil Lines, the branches to look for would either be the Montessori Branch in Scheme 3 or the Roots Flagship Campus located in Askari 10.


Beaconhouse School System:

Beaconhouse School System, (BSS) is also one of the top educational institutions that provide quality education to children from junior level till A-levels. The branches of BSS are spread across the city to cater to the residents of different colonies.


BSS, Satellite Town Branch:

Three separate branches of BSS are located in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. The Primary Branch caters to children by providing junior level education from the primary level, i.e. Montessori till grade 6.

The Boys and Girls Branch, Satellite Town carries the children from the primary branch forward to secondary level, providing education till O-Levels and Matriculation level.


BSS, Civil Lines Branches:

For the residents of Civil Lines, Askari 4 and 10, Scheme 1-5, and nearby, the BSS branches that cater to the primary educational needs of the area are situated in Civil Lines.

Of the two branches, one is the KG branch whereas the other offers primary education till Grade 5.


BSS, Peshawar Road Branches:

Three Branches of BSS are located on Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi, that accommodates the residents of Westridge 1 and 2, Peshwar Road and Chur Chowk, along with the colonies nearby. Because of the presence of many different schools here, this road is always bustling with crowds, traffic, and children.

While you’re at it, please drive slow!

The Branches of BSS present here are Primary, Senior Girls and Senior Boys Branch. With the primary branch serving children till grade 6, the Senior Branches offers secondary education from Grade 7 and 8.


BSS, Potohar Campus:

Located on the Main G.T Road, the Potohar Campus provides education starting from Montessori level till A-levels.


So, with the summer almost ending, if you’re looking for new schools in Rawalpindi for children, here is a list to help you consider by presenting some suggestions.

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