Commission approves new by-laws for commercial buildings in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: New by-laws for commercial buildings in the capital have been approved by the commission formed to review Islamabad’s master plan.

Earlier, the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) proposal regarding the need to increase the number of floors in class three shopping centres was rejected by the commission. However, the commission approved new by-laws for commercial buildings and markazes.

As per reports, plots up to 999 square yards in markazes will be allowed a floor-area ratio (FAR) of 1:5, while plots of 1,000 square yards and above will be allowed an FAR of 1:6. In addition, the plot owners will be bound to provide parking space.

Plots ranging till 3,000 square yards will be allowed an FAR of 1:8, and plots between 3,000 and 5,000 square yards will be allowed an FAR of 1:9. Plots larger than 5,000 square yards will have a FAR of 1:10, and there will be no cap on the number of storeys.

It was reported that the commission also proposed a floor-area ratio of 1:6 for existing buildings in Blue Area to increase the number of storeys if anyone wants to rebuild a building after demolishing an existing one.

As per the new master plan, the commission has decided that the parking space can now be constructed on any floor of a building, which was first limited to basements only.

A CDA officer further added that after the commission completes its recommendations on by-laws, the proposal will be sent to the federal government for final approval. A consultant will also be hired later to comprehensively revise the entire master plan.

On the directives of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the commission members were asked to comprehensively review the master plan for 2020-2040.

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