Construction Labour- The Spinning Wheel of Development

Who hasn’t played the Age of Empires, Clash of the Titans or the much addictive Real Estate Tycoon? Digitally, we have all built, bought and sold properties, creating our own empires, being our own rulers. The business of the royals! The word “real” comes from its Latin root, “rex” meaning “royal” since kings used to own all the land in their kingdoms. Stories of real estate expansion and creating more and more buildings have laid ahead a significant chunk of history in the landscape of global development. While real estate is divided into a commercial, residential, industrial, and empty land, the building blocks behind every marvel remain constant.

With the construction industry booming in Pakistan today, some major developmental projects of the government, including Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project, and Naya Pakistan Rahain Asaan, show no signs of slowing down.

Be it homes you look for on, or Imarat projects you invest in, namely the architectural vision of Amazon Mall, Builders Mall and the Mall of Arabia are marvels. They are a blend of our local Islamic and Potohari architecture, just like the Florence Galleria which is an ode to the Renaissance period and art. However, there exists a plethora of construction workers behind the scenes. Amidst such a progressing landscape with numerous new projects underway, employers are looking for the finest staff and, once again, the construction industry is in on an upswing.

Do you know who needs to be hired for your site? It is not one, but many kinds of construction workers who need to be filling positions.

Site Superintendent

With every individual site, there is ahead of site operations solely dedicated to managing construction workers, contractors, and management, visiting the site. Commonly called the ‘Thekedaar’, he is the focal person whom everyone on site can report to. If it accounts to be difficult hiring, it is worth the effort.

Estimated wage for a site superintendent varies with every project and the quality of it. An experienced site superintendent can earn from Rs35-40lac for a high-end 5marla residential house. The wage can go up to Rs1crore as the size of the house expands from 8 to even 14 marlas.

Construction Managers

If you’ve heard the word “Munshi”, then here is what they’re doing while being around your under construction homes. A construction manager on your site manages various construction-related activities. They coordinate the everyday activities from scheduling contractors to material deliveries and directing activities of workers.

These contract costs may vary in between a range of Rs300-500 per square foot. The cost however may vary based on the materials and how extensive the project is.

Metal Fabricators

Amidst many specialized workers, do you still wonder what metal fabricators do? Currently, buildings are making liberal use of metal in their construction. This immensely strengthens a structure. With an ever increasing need for high-rises in Pakistan, experienced metal fabricators are in demand for embedding metal in building frameworks on your construction site.

Steel fixers and metal fabricators can cost you an amount close to Rs2000 per day in wages. However, the work hours are dependent on the nature of work the metal fabricators are assigned which may vary.

Site Engineers

Studying engineering all those years in our academic lives, many still wonder what they really have to contribute in construction. Engineers are involved at every stage of a construction project depending on their expertise. Civil engineers play an important part in the drafting and planning of a new structure. Environmental engineers look at making construction environmentally sustainable. With a vision of a sustainable Pakistan by 2030, the demand for environmental and civil engineers will boost immensely. Engineers, thus, are the people making everything come together and resolving engineering issues which stand as the foundation for architectural marvels.

Civil engineers are paid on a contract basis and their presence on the field may vary, requirement being one of the factors.


Carpentry typically deals with the cutting, shaping and material installation during the construction phase of any building. Today it encompasses a wider variety of material other than just woodworking, hammering, nailing, drilling and sawing.

An amount of Rs5000-6000 goes as a daily wage for experienced carpenters. Those who are beginners start with an estimate of Rs1000-2000 per day and their daily work hours range from a minimum of 8 hours to above.


While a major amount of commercial or residential buildings account for electricity, electricians should not be undermined. It is these people who install circuitry and remodeling of electrical systems. They are an important resource in any building that features lighting or electricity.

Electricians are a resource that comes in once the building is constructed and the time for wiring comes in. Their daily wage varies from Rs1000-1500 per day with a shift of 8 work hours every day. However, the number of work hours may vary with the nature of work.


If you have heard somebody saying “Mistri” out here in Pakistan, it is guaranteed about construction. Masons are the building blocks of your structure– literally. They are the people who build structures brick by brick and then glue them together. They are involved in individual separate pieces being put together.

Masons earn a daily wage of Rs1200-1600 per day with around 8 hours of daily work.


Plumbers as one of the members amidst an entire construction team are the people in charge of installing and reworking the systems for drinking water, drainage and sewage.

The daily wage for any plumber depends on his experience and the nature of work. However, the wages range between Rs1500-2000 and the work hours could be 8 hours or less.


Glaziers are the ones who cut and install glass into windows, skylights, towering work buildings, and more. Special blades, glazing knives, cutting boards and adhesives are the equipment we may mostly find around them. The hiring cost of a glazier varies on the amount of work, its nature and experience however the range may stretch from Rs1lac- 10lac monthly.

Watching a marvel of architecture may ‘wow’ many but behind it goes an immense dedication of the construction workers. It all starts with a fact not many of us know. The soil you walk on is the first matter that goes into investigation before the foundation of your house is laid. The architect designs a building in regards to soil quality. Once designed and drawn, the land is excavated mainly by excavators which follow land compaction by masons. The blocks keep building up as steel fixers, electricians, plumbers, glaziers and carpenters team up to complete the building. They may stretch from a big job to smaller ones but none of them remains less important. Hats off to all such building blocks that are a part of major constructions from planning to its execution and finishing. With several projects underway, let’s make maximum use of our local resources for an economic boost and skill expansion within Pakistan.

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