Best Courier Services in Pakistan

In this article, you can get all the information about courier services in Pakistan. What is courier service? A courier service is a premium service which collects different shipments/stuff from one person and delivers it to another person within the same country or worldwide. The shipment can be a letter, a gift or basically anything that a person wants to send to another person within a short period of time. Courier services were mainly for letters etc. which were known as postal services also a long time ago but the world has progressed and postal service expanded to courier service which not only delivers letters to another person but also any other stuff too. Courier services mainly specialize in a specific type of shipping within certain destinations.

There are many types of shipping like

  • Same-day local shipping
  • Regional shipping
  • Shipping services worldwide

In this modern era of technology, where people are so dependent on the internet, online shopping sprees and sending gifts to loved ones or important documents to someone has become much easier because all of this can happen with a click of a button or a walk to your nearby local courier shop. Hands down, this might be the easiest way of transferring things or goods from one place to another within a matter of days and that too without facing any major difficulties. Don’t have time to go shopping? Just browse your internet and place an order and you’ll get the desired products within days, some shops even offer same-day shipping as well, which is totally a game changer. Want to send a gift to a loved one but there’s no way you have time to physically go to another city and deliver it? No worries, courier services have got you covered. Want to send a very important document to someone who lives far away from you? Just seal it in an envelope and send it through courier. It has literally become easier to send things to people these days. 

There are also international courier services in Pakistan which basically offer worldwide shipping as well, this was the real game changer because before this there was no way to send important stuff or any other stuff abroad. You would have to ask someone who is going abroad to deliver that said stuff to the person who lives abroad and honestly this sounds so difficult. People used to go through so much trouble to get a single stuff to their loved ones abroad but with worldwide shipping it has become so easy for people to send shipments abroad. In this article, we will talk about some of the top local courier services in Pakistan. 


If you live in Pakistan then you must have heard about TCS because it is the most reliable and popular courier service in Pakistan. Although a little expensive, everybody in Pakistan blindly trusts TCS. Whether it is an important document or a regular item, send it safely through TCS. The company was established in 1983 and they have been providing their best facilities since then. TCS is also a gift courier service, so if you want to send a gift to someone TCS has got you fully covered. TCS provides many services but the most popular are the following:  

  • TCS Sentiments
  • TCS Home Movers
  • TCS Cargo
  • TCS Express

If you want to send your loved ones a bouquet, cake or a stuffed toy on their birthday or Eid or any other special occasion, TCS sentiments is your pick. If you are moving from one place to another and don’t have a transport to carry all your luggage TCS Home Movers is the way to go. TCS operates not only in Pakistan but other countries like China, Canada, India, UAE and UK as well.

Phone Number: +21 111 123 456


Leopard Courier 

After TCS, here comes the leopard courier, it is also one of the most reliable courier services in Pakistan. People of Pakistan prefer leopard courier after TCS, so this makes it their second best choice, first is obviously TCS. Leopard courier was also established in 1983 alongside TCS. People seem to trust leopard couriers very well. Most of the online shopping in Pakistan is delivered through Leopard courier, which explains a lot about them as a company. Both of these courier services are based in Pakistan, offering cash on delivery courier services for Pakistan only. Just like TCS, leopard courier also has different services like Giftwits, by which you can select a gift online from their website and send it to your loved ones. Another service provided by them is the overnight delivery, which as the name suggests delivers stuff overnight or in a day but with additional charges. They also offer international and over land delivery as well.

Phone Number: +21 111 300 786



FedEx was established in 1973, just like other two courier services mentioned above, FedEx also provides courier services and is one of the oldest and popular logistic and courier services in Pakistan. They offer their services not only in Pakistan but internationally as well. So if you have any article that you would like to send overseas, FedEx is your go-to place. Their main focus is on international shipping.

EMAIL: [email protected]


DHL Express Courier Services

DHL Express is a German-based courier service based in Pakistan as well. There’s no doubt that DHL Express is a very well known service, working worldwide while they are running operations in many countries of the world. They are providing the best services in around 200 countries so that tells a lot about their commitment to the work. People mostly prefer DHL Express because of their time efficiency factor, their shipments always arrive on time and customers are happy with that, this along with many other factors that it is growing so rapidly internationally.



Asian Pacific Express has been providing door to door courier services worldwide since 1990, which is when they were established. APX is a very popular and well-known courier and logistic service in Pakistan and worldwide. They offer fast and reliable courier service at cheapest rates possible. They also provide same-day express, overnight express, third day express etc. They offers services like Cargo Freight, overseas transportation and domestic transportation etc.

Phone Number: +92 21 4529604


Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post might be the oldest post service in Pakistan. Mainly, they started as a postal service which would deliver the letters of one person to another but when they saw other courier services growing, they also started their courier service as well. Pakistan post might be the cheapest courier service in Pakistan these days. They also offer cash on delivery and it’s the best cash on delivery option in Pakistan right now. The only down-side of this courier service is that they sometimes mess up the shipments. It offers both local as well as international shipping.

Phone Number: +92 51 8487080

Website :

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