Tameer Se Taleem

Tameer Se Taleem (TST) is an embodiment of our nascent passion, Jazba-e-Tameer (passion to build), where by we aim to make cities resilient and sustainable by condemning the practice of dumping construction left over material / waste into land fills and promoting the initiative of reusing and recycling them to fill in the lack of building resources in underprivileged schools and nearby dilapidated areas. To Discover More: Click Here

Taqdeer ki Tameer

IMARAT Group empowers its team members to go after their professional aspirations, from an office boy to the regional manager. One of our passionate employees at G-11 construction site, Zahid Ali, always dreamed to become a marathon runner. IMARAT Group management, as they came to know about his talent, supported him fully by organizing training, diet and coaching for him through Graana Clubs. We hope to see him successful in achieving his dreams one day. To Discover More: Click Here

Real Estate Courses

IMARAT Group in collaboration with has introduced the first ever tradition of real estate diploma courses whereby certifications are distributed among a talented graduating cohort. It has collaborated with renowned institutions like NUST, PIDE, and Atomcamp to impart certifications in Real Estate Science, Real Estate Economics, and Hospitality and Tourism Management respectively. So far, 04 real estate science courses have been launched with NUST, producing a total of 120 graduates, and 01 course in RE Economics with a total of 35 graduates. To Discover More: Click Here

Iqbal Institute of Public Policy

Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS) is Pakistan’s first-ever real estate think tank and policy research institute that comes under the umbrella of IMARAT Group. The institute aims to generate, propagate and regulate public policies towards achieving sustainable development in Pakistan. It helps improve policies and decision making through research and analysis. To Discover More: Click Here

Cycling Sundays

IMARAT Group in collaboration with kickstarted Cycling Sundays. The initiative was introduced with a vision to introduce a healthier and more energetic lifestyle while the country battled with lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon Cycling Sundays became a popular fitness ritual in the capital city attracting adults and youngsters alike. From national causes like Solidarity with Kashmir to international movements like climate change mitigation, Cycling Sundays became Islamabad’s gateways for vocalizing important issues while promoting community health. To Discover More: Click Here

Blood Drives

IMARAT Group conducts blood drives across the organization for various ailments to inculcate a sense of community service in its ecosystem
  • World Blood Donor Day: Amidst the trying situation of COVID-19, blood plasma drive was conducted to support those suffering badly from the virus.
  • Pinktober: organized a #Pinktober blood donation drive for helping #BreastCancer patients.

City Beautification

IMARAT Group together with its subsidiaries ( and Agency21) conducts city beautification in many forms from truck art highlighting cultural hues to maintenance of green spaces to adding colours and expressions to bus stops that accompany people as they wait for their commute. The practice extends from the Capital to other central cities like Gujranwala and Faisalabad. To Discover More: Click Here

Graana ♥ Animals, IMARAT Group’s subsidiary and marketing partner, kickstarted a novel initiative, Graana X Animals. The initiative aims to give voice to the voiceless and help the most important yet relegated of the beings – animals. The campaign aims to:
  • TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release) stray dogs with the assistance of the District Commissioner Office and CDA/MCI and in collaboration with Strays Home Rehabilitation Shelter.
  • To make a state-of-the-art animal shelter in Islamabad for the injured, sick, and terminally ill stray animals where they can be treated and rehabilitated
  • Make Islamabad a model city for stray animals
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Graana Clubs, IMARAT Group’s marketing partner, runs a wide network of sports and arts clubs that bring together the community on shared values and interests.
  • Graana Chai Club
  • Graana Talent Club
  • Graana Karaoke Club
  • Graana Book Club
  • Graana Cricket Club
  • Graana Football Club
  • Town Planning Club
  • Graana Cycling Club
  • Graana Table Tennis Club
  • Graana Snooker CLub
  • Graana E-Gaming
  • Graana Badminton Club
  • Graana Volleyball Club
  • Graana Astronomical Club
  • Graana Fitness Club
  • Graana Chai Club
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World’s Tinniest Carbon Report

IMARAT Group has launched the world’s tinniest carbon report whereby they declare their carbon emissions and ESG (environment, social, and corporate governance) performance with their stakeholders and customers. Read Now the Full Report: Click Here