Shaping the Future of Pakistani Real Estate Through Innovative Tech Solutions

We are not just real estate developers. We are creators of transformative tech-driven experiences.
Whether it’s experiencing spaces before they exist, engaging in immersive explorations, or driving economic progress through game-changing technology, we’re leading a new era where cutting-edge technology intersects with visionary real estate.
Welcome to the future – Welcome to IMARAT.

ArchViz Explorer

360 degrees of urban magic! Join us on a virtual journey through the vibrant heart of IMARAT Downtown.
Now you can explore IMARAT Downtown in your palm with our ArchViz explorer that tells you everything you need to know about the futuristic downtown.
Download here:
Compatibility: Desktop PC


Our Land Information Management System (LIMS) is poised to drive monumental value. With its potential to contribute trillions to the economy and uplift Pakistan’s GDP, we’re demonstrating our commitment to pioneering technologies that have the power to shape nations.

IMARAT Residences Game

The immersive IMARAT Residences Game lets you walk through your dream space before it’s built. In our pursuit of technological advancement, we’re breaking the boundaries of traditional real estate.

Suite of CRMs

Our suite of multiple CRMs streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences, ensuring seamless interactions and unparalleled service. By providing a centralized platform unlike any other for managing client interactions, our suite of CRMs has immensely evolved the way our sales representatives close the deals.

Graana Classified is undergoing a transformative shift to a Classified business model, where users can now showcase their ads by availing paid visibility. This evolution entails the development of a robust Nexus Backend—a CRM portal managing agency affairs, payments, contracts, and performance insights. Simultaneously, the Frontend and experience has undergone enhancements which will empower users to manage purchases and maximize value within their accounts.

IMARAT’s journey is one of relentless innovation, where every step is guided by the belief that technology holds the key to a more connected, efficient, and prosperous future. Through our visionary products and transformative vision, we’re not just adapting to the modern tech landscape; we’re actively shaping it. Our commitment goes beyond constructing buildings; we’re building a future where technology reshapes the way we perceive, interact with, and benefit from real estate.