Development work to start on Daducha Dam Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: The divisional administration has been asked by the Punjab government to take required steps to start the construction of Daducha Dam in the upcoming fiscal year so as to cater to water shortage in Rawalpindi as soon as possible. Daducha Dam stands as one of the three main projects for Rawalpindi in the coming fiscal budget which include Ring Road and Leh Nullah Expressway as well.

Divisional Commissioner retired Capt Saqib Zafar was briefed by the land revenue department officials on the main features of the dam. Officials have been asked to carry out a new survey to determine the number of people who are expected to be affected by the project.

The Daducha Dam stands at a total cost of Rs6.127 billion. A total allocation of Rs3 billion has been made by the provincial government for dam construction while Rs3 billion have been marked for land acquisition. An initial cost of Rs1.7 million was released to the irrigation department in 2018-19 and 2.5 billion were marked for the year 2019-20. The dam will be constructed on Soan River. It will act as a storage for rainwater from Murree and Kahuta hills. It will affect 218 houses, seven industrial and commercial units as three villages come under the dam namely, Bhun, Launa and Bhaoni.

The construction work will be started by the irrigation department while the district administration will acquire the land.

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