Dis. Magistrate Islamabad bans sale, purchase, use of HID lights

Islamabad: The sale and use of High Intensity Density (HID) lights has been banned in Islamabad. While imposing section 144 CrPc, the District Magistrate Islamabad banned the sale, purchase and installation of HID lights in vehicles within the revenue limits of Islamabad district for a period of two months, stated the notification issued from the District Magistrate office.

“It was brought to the DM’s notice that HID lights are installed in headlamps of commuting vehicles. These lights cause trouble for the traffic coming from the opposite direction and are reason for many fatal accidents. Moreover, most HIDs are cheap quality and are often responsible for short circuit, which often causes eruption of fire in the vehicle,” the DM said in his notification of imposing ban on HIDs.

The decision to ban the said lights has been taken in view of the repeated complaints from the citizens. Moreover, HID lights have caused a number of accidents at all the major avenues of the city. The public have expressed appreciation for this decision.

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