DIY Eid Decoration Ideas for Home

Are you excited for Eid? Thinking of ways to celebrate your Eid during COVID-19? We’ve got you covered! Eid is a much celebrated event not only for Muslims but across the world. It is also the way people come together to share their happiness with each other. Eid-ul-Adha is about remembering the importance of sacrifice and giving back to your community. Eid is also about celebrating with friends and family and realising the importance of relationships. brings you ways you can prepare yourself for the upcoming Eid. 


Deep Cleaning


Before the onset of any event, one essential thing to do is to prepare yourself for the day by deep cleaning every nook and corner. Not only will it get you into the vacation mode, it will also reset you for the event. Deep cleaning will help you get on top of things to know what exactly is required to prepare yourself for the celebratory occasion. You can easily make a list of all things that are required for the day and prepare a to-do list to timely execute your plans. 


Refreshing Bedsheets 



The easiest and the quickest way to revamp any bedroom is to change the bedsheets. The bed occupies the majority of space in any bedroom yet it is one of the most neglected spaces. If you are looking to redecorate your room for Eid on a budget, try changing the bedsheet to a vibrant colour or any existing bedsheet to change things up a little. You can even buy a new set if you want to decorate your room according to a theme. 


Lighting Spaces 



Lighting is everything when it comes to decor. With the right lighting options, you can totally transform a place from shabby to chic in a few minutes. Lighting is essential to highlight your feature pieces and create an inviting ambience in your space. If you have a dinner planned, you can utilise low lighting to create that cozy atmosphere or if you are looking to host a bunch of people, try having a well lit room to invite that energy into the living space. There are plenty of options to choose from: you can invest in fairy lights, wall sconces or lamps. 


Decorating Dining Table



Eid is synonymous with food and barbecue. In Pakistan, families come together to enjoy barbecue time with family. Some members set up the grill while others set up the dining table and get creative with the ornaments. Setting a dining table is an art itself. You set it up as simply as you want or you can make it elaborate. There are several ways to go about it. You can set up a formal table with centrepieces and fancy silverware or you can keep it casual and place basic cutlery on the table. The options are limitless. 


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