Sacrifice is the first word that comes to our mind when we think of Eid-ul-Azha. Not only do Muslims sacrifice animals in the spirit of Abrahamic tradition on this day, the feelings invoked are way beyond a mere slaughtering of animals. This Eid, while based around a symbolic animal sacrifice, also teaches us lessons in patience, love, brotherhood, and charity.

The main purpose of the sacrifice is to instil within us obedience in memory of a father who decided to sacrifice his son to meet Allah’s wishes. The meat is distributed among relatives and the poor, teaching us to share and be charitable. For many, Eid is the only time of the year when they actually get to eat meat.

This year, Eid ul Adha will be different for all the Muslims around the globe. With the ongoing pandemic, it is very difficult and dangerous to perform sacrifices this Eid ul Adha.  Muslims are now able to perform this religious obligation with the help of online qurbani websites.

That isn’t all – Eid is a time to meet family, relatives and friends, and catch up with them. Eid also means a plethora of tasty dishes and barbeque, and continuous binging on food with friends and family. Team Graana hopes and wishes that this Eid is not just a chance for a spiritual awakening for you, but also an occasion full of happiness and joy. We hope that you and those around you have all the fun you can possibly have in these auspicious three days of Eid.

Team Graana wishes you and your family a very happy Eid-ul-Azha!

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