Eight Mobile Applications You Must Have

When mobile phones came into our lives, we couldn’t possibly have imagined how much they would change us. If I dare to limit myself to its pros only, I am confident to claim that our lives have gotten easier and exceptionally comfortable. Due to the constant technological advancements, the telecom industry has been on the rise. Mobile phone applications are one major cause of the appeal of mobile phones today. With open and free source systems, incredibly easy user interface, and amazingly purpose-oriented business apps and software, the very dimensions of our lives have changed.

In the following lines, I will be walking you through the top eight mobile applications that you need to download, probably even before finishing reading this article.

Please note that no other criterion was adopted to choose and arrange any of the given applications, except the author’s personal survey and choice.



Plate101 is a newly launched food order/sale mobile application that is rapidly gaining traction. If you’re a homemade food lover, it should probably be your first pick. No matter whether you’re in the office, among friends, or sitting alone, just think of a lovely food option, and order it for yourself. There is hardly any traditional and lovingly cooked cuisine that you may not find here. Housewives, aunties, stay-at-home dads and almost everyone who takes care of a kitchen puts their best dishes on sale, and gets a handsome return on it.


Interestingly, you don’t have to cook anything special to push it for sale here. Just go with the routine cooking, increase the quantity (a plate or two), place it for sale on a very reasonable price, and get an online order.  The order will be collected by the Plate101 staff in their customised food packing, who will deliver it at the required place.

Nominal prices, delectable food, intelligent and quick service and a lot of convenience make Plate101 the best thing in the town.

Some features

  • Referral program
    • If you referred it to someone who successfully sold 20 dishes, you will get a bonus of Rs2,000.
  • Earn at home
    • Just cook in the comfort of your home and earn as much as you can.
  • Branding
    • If you’re a good cook, you get points, and Plate101 brands you for free.
  • Bonuses
    • If you’re regular with your quality, you can win monthly bonuses.

Download Plate101 here.

Nothing worries us more than to undergo the hassle of finding an appropriate property for renting or selling. Irrelevant information, widespread unprofessionalism, and excessive dependency on third parties have made the process quite cumbersome. It wasn’t until came and re-defined the value chain of buying, selling and renting real estate properties that the entire process became easier. synthesises technology and state-of-the-art human expertise to ensure increased user convenience, transparency and a gradual shift of the traditional practices towards digitisation. is the first property portal in Pakistan that projects only verified property listings on its portal. Its in-house team of researchers is constantly involved in R&D to add smart and efficient features to the portal. Exclusive focus is being given to user convenience and access of relevant, authentic and sufficient information.

Salient Features

  1. Smart profile of your desired area
  2. Exhaustive list of property listings
  3. Verified and authentic listings
  4. Exceptionally professional sales force
  5. Multimedia advertising of the listed properties
  6. Brand awareness through innovative strategies
  7. Secure transactions
  8. One-stop solutions
  9. Faster, efficient, and reliable
  10. Cutting-edge technology (drone and 3D visualisation)
  11. Customised listings
  12. Visibility across all media
  13. 24/7 customer care offers customised services to all stakeholders:

  • real estate agents
    • brand visibility
    • traffic and clientele
    • 360°marketing
  • investors
    • authentic and verified projects
    • comprehensive details
    • quality customer-care and query response
  • buyers/sellers
    • library of reliable listings
    • area profile with the help of smart features
    • secure transactions

Download here.



If your beauty needs care and appearance trimming, pick up your phone, download this app and enjoy all salon services right in your own drawing room.

It provides a variety of at-home beauty services through exceptionally professional staff both via web and mobile application. Additionally, you can enjoy frequent deals that double the comfort and cut the price by half.


GharPar offers different services to male and female clients. For the earlier, it has remained limited to full body therapeutic massage, while for ladies, it extends to services including massage, manicure, pedicure, makeup, facial, hairstyling, and waxing.

Download GharPar here.



Gone are the days when you’d need colossal internet packages to play songs either from YouTube or from a free online music website. It was both an arduous and expensive hobby to afford.  Thanks to SoundCloud, it’s no longer the case!


The application offers the world’s largest audio music library with unbelievably low data size, starting from 3 KB. Having it downloaded, you can enjoy music coming from every corner of the world. Both composers and singers share their music and let the world listen and appreciate their incredible tracks. The artists have formed online fan communities that remain alive across various media.

Salient Features

  • unique content with all versions, medleys and re-creations available
  • tracks, podcasts, raw demos and almost everything
  • feedback-based platform
  • library exceeds more than 135 million songs

Download SoundCloud here.

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

Launched on the special directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, this application lets you report every anomaly in any public or private service departments. If you’ve been put to any fatigue or your task got delayed for nothing, or you noticed something that is illegal, you can easily report it and get a confirmation response. Your query will be marked to the relevant department, which is bound to show progress on the portal against the given complaint.

Pakistan Citizen's Portal

Interestingly, the portal has been widely appreciated across all media, as instant and efficient response is ensured. The portal connects all the federal and provincial ministries and departments that are made liable to provide relevant and timely feedback on all alerted/notified issues. Citizens across the entire country consider the portal an effective and responsive complementary channel between them and the government.

Download Pakistan Citizen’s Portal here.


Brand on Sale

In the bustling world of consumerism, where prices of the products go beyond affordability, sales are a privilege that can hardly be ignored. We have brands that offer sales the entire year, but when we get to know they are about to finish. With Brand on Sale, you can catch all the opportunities, whether they are at your doorstep or somewhere at the outskirts of your city.

Brand on Sale provides instant and comprehensive updates on all the discounts on your favourite brands. These can be deal offers, discount notifications, sales alerts, coupons, or rewards on apparel, food points, show wears, kids’ choice and many more, which can be explored, viewed and shared quite easily.

The application has three categories:

  • All types of sales
  • Discount offers that are expiring
  • Your wish list

Some of the featured leading brands whose occasional and routine sales could be enjoyed through the app are listed below:

  • by Junaid Jamshed
  • Ideas by Gul Ahmed
  • Khaadi
  • Warda
  • Hush Puppies
  • Bareeze
  • Firdous Lawn
  • Al Karam
  • Bonanza
  • Sapphire
  • Bata
  • Stylo
  • Nishat Linen
  • Beechtree
  • Eden Robe
  • Outfitters

The application also provides alerts of discounts for the following online and offline superstores:

  • Daraz
  • ChenOne
  • Hyperstar
  • Infinix
  • Telemart
  • Mi store
  • Habbitt

And who wouldn’t love to know about food offers.

  • Hardee’s
  • Burger Lab
  • Nando’s
  • OPTP
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Burger o’clock
  • Lal Qila
  • BBQ Tonight
  • California, NYP, Pizza Max, Pizza Hut and other Pizza points.

Download Brands on Sale here.


Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan provides information on different types of medicines, their alternate forms, chemical ingredients and their manufactures. It is a handy reference guide for getting the very basic information on any particular type of medicine or drug, which may include drug reviews, side effects, dosages, indications, contraindications, and market prices.

At Pharmapedia Pakistan, you can search information about any medicine under two categories: generic name, and brand name. The generic name of the medicine refers to the chemical ingredient of the particular drug. For example, Paracetamol is the name of a medicine but it is also the involved drug or ingredient. Similarly, Panadol is also a drug (with a brand name) but with the same chemical ingredient Paracetamol and hence, same behaviour.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Drug manufacturers and pharmacists across the world can have both the names for a single type of medicine. A brand name helps the company promote their product by distinguishing it from other competitors.

Since two names for a single type of drug may generate confusion among purchasers, Pharmapedia Pakistan makes efforts to address it. You can browse generic and brand names for a specific drug for your knowledge before accepting any alternative from a chemist.

Download Pharmapedia Pakistan here.


Samsung Health

Samsung Health keeps a constant check on your diet and physical activities to ensure you remain fit and healthy.

Its core features include step count, activity time, workout statistics, diet plans, sleep and stress management, weight monitor, and hydration checker. The application requires entry of basic information about food and water intake, and details to start monitoring and managing your physical fitness and health.

Samsung Health

Additionally, it records health and environmental indicators to provide timely alerts about heart rate, blood glucose levels, stress, blood pressure, and weight with the help of built-in sensors and other devices. It serves to be a handy instructional manual on getting helpful tips, fitness plans, wellness tactics and workout programmes.

Download Samsung Health here.


Final word

Mobile phone applications are free and conveniently accessible privileges that play a key role in our routines. All we need is to understand our requirements and download the most relevant applications from reliable sources. Secondly, although, applications are meant to serve personal purposes, it is advised to keep only those which have a considerable stake in your life. Applications in this article have been selected in view of their social, economic and educational significance in our lives.

If you think some more need to be included to this list, you’re most welcome to let us know in the comments section below.

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