Farmers resume protest against rice millers in Badin

BADIN: Paddy growers in the city are protesting against the millers in Kario Ghanwar town, demanding a fair price for their crop.

Being forced to sell their crop at Rs1,200 for 40 kg, that too with three to five kilos extra per 40 kilos on the pretext of moisture in the grains and not Rs1,500 per 40kg, the farmers have launched a peaceful movement.

While local leaders like Ustad Mohammad Rahimmon, and Mohammad Juman Nohani, who belong to different political parties visited the protestersā€™ camp to support them, leaders of Save Badin Action Committee Mir Ghulam Rasool Talpur, Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, Khalil Ahmed Bhurgari and others issued a joint statement to support the rice farmers.

Furthermore, they have threatened to widen the protest if their demands are not met.

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