ISLAMABAD: Notices were issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to 228 garment and boutique shops, asking them to register themselves with the tax department.

While scrutinising data, the names of these shops were detected, which showed that these outlets were not registered with the income tax and sales tax departments, informed FBR spokesperson Dr Hamid Ateeq.
He further informed that all the regional tax offices had been directed to identify outlets across the country that aren’t registered. They will be issued notices for registration with the FBR.
To file for last tax year 2018, the date has been extended till August 9 by the FBR, as regular notices will be issued after August 9.

He further added that the sum amount received by tax returns was Rs2.4 million and expressed that the number would reach Rs2.5 million. This will be the highest in the country’s history, by August 9.
The FBR has already clarified that sales tax can only be recovered from the customer if the supplier is registered for sales tax purposes, and the sales tax registration number is reflected on the invoice/receipt issued to the customer.

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