FBR serves tax notices to unregistered industrial and commercial units

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) served as many as 482,354 notices to non-registered or non-compliant industrial and commercial consumers to e-file income tax returns for the tax year 2019.

The notices issued by nine power distribution companies and six FBR regional offices jointly with regional tax offices (RTOs), warned the non-filers across the country of termination of supplies like electricity and gas applications as stated in section 181AA of the Income Tax Ordinance, in case they failed to come on the tax roll.

Around 267,724 unregistered industrial consumers are present in the country with around 2.52 million unregistered commercial power consumers, revealed data released by the Power Division upon FBR’s request.

FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi told that the respective RTOs are working to identify the compliances of these notices.

The total number of unregistered industrial and commercial consumers across Pakistan excluding Karachi stood at 2.787 million. FBR served 58,000 notices in Islamabad, whereas 52,528 in Lahore, 41,784 in Rawalpindi, and 18,500 in Multan to industrial and commercial consumers to bring them under the tax net.

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