Florence Galleria – International Hotel & Luxury Mall

Pakistan has various architectural marvels that remind us of the grandeur of Islamic-Mughal architecture, impressionistic colonial styles and awe-inspiring post-colonial techniques of real estate development.

However, as put by Kamil Khan Mumtaz, an eminent architect, our evolving experimentation in architecture has instead created confusion and chaos instead of constituting a characteristic value.

But is it really important to have character in a building?

I think yes, because it reflects how we blend modernisation with comfort, and trend with purpose.

For the last two decades, though local architects have replicated western architectural styles in residential and commercial projects, they remained short of unfolding before us a persona of a building, and what actually it serves.

In simpler terms, they lack a unifying theme and a concrete aesthetic value; eventually, pushing us into an architectural identity crisis. Buildings got taller and vaster but failed to account for eco-friendliness and aesthetics.

The change didn’t happen until a few developers/architects dared to challenge the status quo and introduced architectural themes in commercial real estate development.

Be it an Amazonian rainforest concept or Mediterranean-styled mixed-purpose Arabian malls, we saw a taste for beauty getting pushed to new levels.

Florence Galleriainspired by Renaissance architecture – is yet another serious effort to add to the edificial beauty that has been in the making for a while now.Florence Galleria - International Hotel & Luxury Shopping Mall in DHA Islamabad


Initiated by Imarat Group of Companies – developers of Amazon Mall and Mall of ArabiaFlorence Galleria is a spectacularly designed and magnificently executed fusion of an international hotel and a luxury shopping mall.

In this article, we will elaborate upon the theme of Florence Galleria, rationale behind its development, its products, strategic location, and imminent launch date.


Theme behind Florence Galleria

Florence Galleria has been designed on the theme of Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period in Europe that spanned from the early 15th to early 17th century, and is best known for the everlasting art and literature it produced. The architecture from this period of time is still considered the most elegant and artistic in the history of the world.Renaissance Building Model

Technically, it exhibits a deliberate rediscovery of some of the major elements of Greek Classical thought and culture.

Critics also believe that this style rose to prominence after the Gothic period and was succeeded by Baroque.


Florence Galleria – Why the themes of Renaissance?

As discussed, architecture in Pakistan has evolved over the time. Architects prefer to borrow contemporary western styles but fail to incorporate a thematic soul into it. Therefore, straight high-rises with relatively less consideration for aesthetics and purpose have covered the architectural horizon of Pakistan.

Florence Galleria embodies renaissance architecture, which projects humanism, clarity, and spaciousness. It brings value to community engagement and claims to be the most entertaining and engaging recreational hub of the twin cities.Renaissance Building Examples

Similarly, it deviates from traditional construction engineering and fuses elegance with luxury and purpose, and sustainability with style. It is a sincere yet rigorous effort to establish Pakistan’s first four star hotel that is based on international standards of hospitality business.

Thirdly, it showcases the creative novelty and uniqueness of the developer – Imarat Group of Companies – that is known for successfully experimenting with both classical and contemporary architectural styles in commercial real estate projects.

The group has upheld values of honesty and trust to deliver the supreme in commercial real estate development and carry forward the legacy of best architectural practices from generation to generation. The group’s creativity is fuelled by their confidence and trust in bringing something new and unique to the front.


What’s special about Florence Galleria?

The 15-storey renaissance-inspired marvel is exclusively designed to provide every conceivable comfort and luxury to those who appreciate only the finest in life, and what the traditional and contemporary commercial buildings and hotels fall short to achieve.

It is located on Main Grand Trunk Road, within the Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad. Its strategic location offers remarkably easy access to all who plan to approach from any side of the twin cities.

Furthermore, Florence Galleria adds value to the iconic location that falls under Islamabad CDA Zone 5, and is generally referred to as the rapidly evolving ‘Next Blue Area of Islamabad’.

The area already abounds with some of the biggest commercial centers including Amazon Outlet Mall, Giga Mall, Al-Ghani Mall, and others.


 Shopping Mall

Florence Galleria unveils an elegant shopping mall spanning over the Lower Ground, Ground, Mezzanine and First floors. The artistic mall houses high-end retail outlets from all popular brands, ensuring that your visit becomes one of best shopping experiences you have ever had.

After its successful induction in Amazon Outlet Mall, the concept of dedicated grand Gold Souk has been replicated in Florence Galleria, giving the Midas touch to this marvel in making.


International Hotel

Administered by world’s renowned hoteliers, Florence Galleria brings into Pakistan the country’s first international hotel, which blends lodging with unimaginable comfort. You can find an array of the state-of-the-art service apartments from the 4th to 8th floor.

With an international hotel in the region, Imarat Group has undoubtedly set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. The existing luxury hotels in the area have stopped to evolve with the contemporary trends and thus leave us astray in the previous century.

Florence Galleria, on the other hand, rises to be a newer trend with exceptional sense of art, beauty and purposefulness behind the project.


Harley Centre – A beauty and self-care centre

Florence Galleria presents Harley Centre as a one-stop beauty and body care hub. Situated on the 2nd Floor, the centre consists of specialised health clinics including dermatologists, dentists, hair transplant experts, plastic surgeons, and nutritionists, making it a perfect go-to destination for all those who care about their persona.

In addition to given luxuries, the mall unfolds a collection of amenities that manage to create a unique architectural aura that is rarely seen in our country. These include fine dining in a restaurant, where taste, comfort and privacy welcome you at the door.

The project also boasts of an infinity pool, which is there for you to swim in, relax, and rewind after a long and tiring day, and a world-class gymnasium that takes care of your fitness even more than you.


Launch Date

Florence Galleria abounds with wonders which we will gradually reveal in our subsequent blogs. As one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for the twin cities, the mall is set to be launched on 14 September, 2019.

You are welcome to join us there!

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