Govt to allocate Rs509bn to infrastructure in Budget 2021-2022

ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan will allocate Rs509 billion, around 57 per cent of the Rs 900 billion development budget, to infrastructure projects in Budget 2021-2022. 

According to reports, the development budget will be increased by Rs250 billion for the fiscal year 2021-22.  

The uplift projects are related to the spheres of water, power, transport, housing etc. 

As per details, Rs169 billion are set aside for the social sector while Rs133 billion will be awarded to special areas. 

The water sector will receive Rs110 billion and Rs60 billion will be given for special packages. 

The National Highway Authority will be awarded  Rs114 billion for construction of roads. The projects include Karachi Freight Corridor, Blixar-Mianwali, Muzaffargarh-Mianwali, Karachi Circular Railway, Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway and Karachi to Chaman National Highway 25.


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