Govt to introduce cheaper flat electricity rate in winter

ISLAMABAD: The government has planned to abolish peak and off-peak rules to introduce uniform rates in winter, throughout the day to reduce the rate and encourage higher power consumption by the consumers, Power Secretary Irfan Ali told the Senate Standing Committee on Power.

After examining the revenue requirements, along with the Ministry of Energy (power division), the working of the scheme will be finalised during the current month. The scheme will be launched by November.

As the total circular debt currently stood at about Rs1, 200 billion, more investment could only be materialised upon reduction, said the power secretary.

Furthermore, 35,000MW electricity is currently available in the system and some more projects are coming online. The consumption in winter sometimes comes down to about 5,000MW.

Mr Ali informed the Senate committee that long with curbing theft, there is also no load-shedding on around 100 feeders of the Sukkur Electric Power Company. Ariel Bundle Cables (ABC) have also been installed at some locations to control theft and leakage, and theft would further be eradicated on another 150 feeders till December.

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