Imarat executes COVID-19 vaccination drive, keeping the tradition alive of valuing its team members, executed a vaccination drive to facilitate and immunize its team members against COVID-19. The Graana team members showed in numbers for the vaccination.

At par with the government’s inoculation drive, the initiative was executed in three different phases at different locations. The vaccination drive was initiated from Graana Headquarters, in which the team members were given first jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Similarly, the second phase of the vaccination drive began from Amazon Mall where also extended the vaccination facility to the family members of the employees. 

On the occasion, the healthcare workers designated by the government, also provided the best support to Graana team members while also catering to safety and health precautions.

The facility of the second jab will also be provided after the standard interval of twenty-eight days.

The vaccination drive executed by the organisation is an effort to further the cause of the vaccination drive being carried out by the government, and to raise awareness among the people of the benefits of the vaccination. during the pandemic stood firm by its core values and made available every facility to ensure medical care and to avoid any unfortunate situation in the office. In this direction, various steps were taken by the organisation to show support to its team members which are nonetheless a family.

Amidst the pandemic, to reduce the growing corona cases in the country, also created a separate corona cell where different health facilities were provided for its team members.

The facilities included corona testing services wherein, all the team members were advised to get themselves tested even on showing minor corona symptoms. Expenses pertaining to the diagnosis of coronavirus were borne by itself. The expenses, apart from corona testing, were also reimbursed.

As a precautionary measure, the company also made available oxygen supply at the premises in order to tackle any unfortunate happenings in the office. The company also ensured strict compliance with corona Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

At a time when all the economic activities in the country had become stagnant due to the increasing corona cases, and various companies were facing financial crunch, extended all the financial support to its team members and did not lay off any of its team members from employment.


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