Imarat revamps H-8 bridge with truck art

ISLAMABAD: in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has revamped the H-8 bridge located on the Islamabad Expressway to enhance the beauty of the city.

The painting of the bridge on the ‘truck art theme’ is being carried out under the ‘Light up Islamabad’ initiative, aimed at revamping the federal capital.

While speaking on the occasion, CDA Member Finance Rana Shakeel informed that the civic authority has decorated two overhead bridges while the remaining bridges will be painted soon.

The member finance further said that the beautification work has also been started at the major underpasses of the city while the same beautification work will also be started at Srinagar Highway.

The residents of the federal capital have appreciated this initiative as it promotes vibrant Pakistani truck art at the national and international level.


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