Graana Nest 2019 – Grow with Graana


‘Tis the season of Graduation caps flying here and there and through the air, pictures taking the social media by a storm, one is still trying to figure out their future and trying to answer tough questions about future and careers. Same for the nearly-graduates or other ambitious young minds finding something useful to do with their time. With the haphazard search for different internships and jobs.

In short, got that summertime summertime sadness?

Talking from personal experience as I look back to reminisce the past time, a fresh graduate and being high on adrenaline with the feeling of ‘conquering the world’. Any new graduate probably has little or no knowledge about their marketability. To figure out oneself, to figure out the wants and the world, at this fresh stage a very frank advice would be to find an apt internship. There are hundreds of internships available in every imaginable job sector right now. Even though the experience is limited, the learning is unlimited. They are an important part of career building, particularly in industries where practical experience is a much clearer indication of aptitude than anything else.

As I sit on my work desk and write this piece while sipping on my tea I realize that life is not at all a square box. Experiencing new opportunities and interacting with countless people, this experience has helped provide the clarity and different outlook on life that I was searching for after I landed in Graana – Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal.

Graana has helped me to achieve clarity and a different outlook on life, work and purpose. After clearly understanding and identifying once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that such experiences provide, here are my top reasons why YOU should intern with us.

Having an internship experience ensures that you have at least a base-level understanding of different practices. A well crafted internship program helps groom you as a young professional. This opportunity will serve you well to find your true calling and make the right career decision after your graduation. Who knows you might find the perfect career opportunity with us.


Graana Nest 2019 – Grow with Graana

Starting from the first of July, Graana Nest 2019 aims to offer the best possible opportunities for everyone out there. The different departments where we are currently offering our internship program are:

  1. Business Intelligence:

By converting raw data into meaningful information, you should be sharp in reporting and analyzing data. Forecasting key performance indicators and making visualization derives from facts and figures, helps the company take decisions that help the business grow.
So to Grow with Graana, do you have what it takes to contribute to help Graana grow further?
To apply, click:

  1. Web Development:

The work that is put into developing a website for the internet (-www-) is undoubtedly immense. Ranging from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications. Apart from creating ‘Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal’ the Graana App, our dev. teams manage other web related activities brilliantly…
Do you have what it takes to simplify the Internet?
To apply click:

  1. Digital Marketing:

“Isn’t it stranger how strangers become buyers and, eventually convert into raving fans of your business?
This what our OM is all about, customer value journey, that strategically builds a relationship with a new perspective and converts them into loyal repeating customers.
To apply click:

  1. Procurement:

Be the efficient supply chain that keeps an eye out for all the future projections and ensures cost-efficient purchasing and timely fulfillment.
Get ready to compete against the other supply chains out there guys!
To apply click:

  1. Human resource:

Are you ready to be that bridge between our company and the employees?
Be a part of ‘the’ department that helps maximizing the efficiency of the organization.
To apply click:

*Note: this picture represents a group of the very hard-working designers, content writers and animators… might look elsewise.

  1. Designers:

A way of expression, in design, less is more and more is less.
But do you have what it take to communicate visually?
To apply click:

  1. Animators:

‘It’s not the art of drawing that moves, but the art of movements that are drawn’ is what animation is all about. Let’s see the passion you have to make ‘your’ art
To apply click:

  1. Content writers:

Content isn’t the king, it’s the kingdom… It’s all about defining everything with the content. Content can be the drive force after everything big or small, it just depends on how well one can convey the message.
As being a writer in Graana, adding that flare and power to anything with mere words is all that this job is about… Let’s see you burn with the same fire…
To apply click:


How do you get the most from the internship? And how do you bridge the gap of finding an internship and yourself, side by side?

It is important from the outset to understand that while there is, in fact, a gap between interns and full-time staff. But nobody here at Graana will be expecting you to be silent. They do their part in encouraging your opinions, but it is equally essential for you to voice your opinions and input. In every field of life, this is how one prospers. Until you don’t speak up, right or wrong, you can’t learn. Here sits an under-confident fresh graduate, who now writes blogs and is currently encouraging you to join Graana, because we want the best for you. #GrowWithGraana.

An experience with Graana can add incredible value to your resume as we help you groom and nurture to fit the marketplace out there. Not only is it a great opportunity, but it also enables you

to stand out from the crowd as our brand is our identity. To grow your network Graana Nest 2019, presents a golden opportunity to become not our representation out there, but it helps you to be the extension of ‘your’ network. Know your marketability and market-ability with us.

Graana is the bridge you need as we embrace new talent, promote diversity, provide fast track growth opportunities and promises job security. So come, Intern with us. Come ‘Grow with us’.



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