Graana x UBL – Home Financing Made Easier

Owning a house of is a cherish dream. A lot of planning and hard work is involved in making this dream come true. People usually spend years preparing for it.

Are you in a condition where you need a house but don’t have sufficient money? If yes, there is a solution for you.

House financing is the ultimate solution in the case when one has a will to buy a house but enough funds for the purpose aren’t available. sign MoU on home financing

The and United Bank Limited (UBL) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) mutually agreeing to facilitate UBL Housing Finance to Graana’s direct and indirect customers.

The agreement enables UBL and to facilitate customers, partners and businesses with UBL Housing Finance on easy terms . This will exclusively be enabled for’s customers, premium partners and business referred through partner aggregators/realtors.

UBL’s applicable product of home financing

UBL empowers you to become the proud owner of a home by offering a variety of products and pricing options that are flexible yet affordable; choose the best product option and pricing to suit your needs.

UBL offers product options range over a tenor of 3 – 20 years.

This product is applicable for the following:

Buying a Home

Why rent when you can buy? Buying a home of your choice has never been so easy. With a maximum financing limit up to PKR 50 million or 70% of property value, you can easily buy a house or apartment that best fits your requirements.

Building a Home

Have you ever settled for anything less than perfect? There’s nothing like building your perfect home, your way. UBL brings you your dream house one step closer.

Renovating a Home

UBL gives you the perfect solution to redesign or renovate your home just the way you like it. You can apply for financing of up to PRK 10 million or 30% of the property value and make your dream come true. believes that the mutual understanding between UBL and Graana will open new avenues in house financing to facilitate our citizens.


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