Household Chores That You Only Need To Do Once A Year

Some chores on your “To-Do-List” are certainly not on your “Want-To-Do” list. Although slacking off does feel relaxing, you always end up feeling guilty for not doing them. However, some chores don’t need to be done repetitively.

Likewise, you also might have some to-do chores that don’t need to be done every week or month. Some tasks need to be done once a year. What a relief, right? This saves time to do other things and gives you time to relax and pay attention to other vital things in your daily routine. So, here are some chores that you only need to do once throughout the year.

Let’s have a look at eight household chores you need to do once a year:

  • Mattress :

The quality of mattresses has improved over time yet still needs a little care and attention. It is advisable to clean your mattresses once a year thoroughly. Repositioning the mattress now and then is also important.

Using a mattress cover religiously, mattresses gather specks of dust and mites and body soil over time. Remove the cover from the mattress and wash it in hot water. To clean the mattress, try to vacuum the mattress top and both sides. Look for any stains or spots on the mattress and treat them with a mild dish detergent or a solution. Try to use a soft brush and work from the outside of the stain towards the center to avoid spreading. Rinsing the area with a wet cloth and allow it to dry completely. Here is a hack for speed drying your mattress using a hairdryer set on low and trying to avoid excessive heat. Try to use anti-bacterial detergents while cleaning your mattresses to avoid germs and bugs. This is important to prevent germs or any sort of bugs.

Flipping you mattresses over or rotating them, so it wears evenly is also a helpful hack.

  • Carpet and Upholstered Furniture :

As summertime winds up and everyone moves indoors, it is the perfect timing to get your carpets and rugs deeply cleaned to remove pollen, dirt, and pet dander.

You can do this chore by renting a cleaning machine and proper washing solutions from a home center or call a professional. If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, opt for a day when there is less foot traffic. Also, make sure you work on the stains before you start cleaning. To get started, remove the furniture of the carpet or place squared-shaped plastics under the legs to avoid staining.

Test the cleaning solutions for upholstery in a hidden spot to ensure that the chemicals don’t discolor the fabric. Try to be extra careful not to oversaturate upholstery with the cleaning solutions since oversaturating the fabric may damage the quality of the material.

Revive your sofas and chairs with scrubbing every year. You can find spray bottles and cleaners with a brush attachment; that helps you to lift the dirt gently from the upholstery. Always test your cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous spot to see if any discoloration occurs. If the color and the fabric stays put after drying out, you’ll know it’s safe to use, and it will work fine on the rest of the fabric.

When doing this chore, remember to pay a bit extra attention to the places where hands and headrest- those areas need some extra elbow grease.

  • Outdoor Furniture :

Outdoor furniture such as patio furniture should be cleaned once a year to remove and clean the stains with time. The best time to clean outdoor furniture is in early spring when you place your furniture out of your storage.

Plastic, wood, and/or rattan frames can be cleaned by adding two teaspoons of dish detergent and two cups of hot water. Using a soft-bristled brush on stubborn stains helps to remove them quite faster. When washing or cleaning your fabric cushions for stain removal, make sure that it’s washer safe before you wash them. Finish it off with a quick spray from the hose. Place the furniture in the sun for fast drying. Remove stains and vacuum fabric cushions. Also, try not to ignore your patio umbrella because, over the year, there is a lot of dust and staining that sets onto the umbrella.

Your outdoor furniture can be squeaky clean once per year if you clean them every year at the right time. If you let the stains and dirt sit on your outdoor furniture, it will get stubborn with time and won’t come off, thus making your job more challenging.

  • Deep Clean the Oven :

If your oven is used frequently, you might have to clean it more than once a year. However, if you only bake occasionally, cleaning your oven once a year would be fine. Run the self-cleaning cycle if your oven has one making it easy for you. But, if your oven doesn’t have that feature, you can put on a pair of rubber gloves and an oven cleaner to make it spotless.

  • Wash Walls and Touch Up Paint :

Renew the color of your walls without having to get into that painting the mess of the wall. Giving your walls a once-a-year cleaning will help the paint last longer and just makes the house look cleaner. Start with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment and scrub the walls while paying attention to the baseboards and moldings. Then, use a cloth and a gentle cleaning spray to remove all the dirt and smudges. If you see any chips or scratches c, cover them up using leftover paint from your last remodel.

  • Dust Light Fixtures :

Polish your fixtures to allow more light to brighten your home. Wipe down bulbs and shades with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning spray. If it is difficult to reach the lights with a ladder, you might want to try the hose attachment of your vacuum or an extendable dusting brush.

  • Deep Clean Your Dryer :

Cleaning your dryer every time you do a round of clothes is not sufficient for your washer-dryer to last long. Clean the drum on the inside while wiping the outside. Pull the lint trap out and wash it gently. When you’re done, remove the vent tubing and give it a thorough cleaning. Pull out any chunks of lint inside the vent. Once cleaned, attach it back to the dryer, and you are done. Make sure it’s also cleaned of any debris and trim any landscaping causing any encroaching. Inspect everything thoroughly before placing everything back in its place.

  • Get Behind the Appliances :

Moving the stove, the fridge, and laundry machines is a daunting task. But annual cleaning does make one’s life since you must do it once every year. To perform a thorough cleaning, you must vacuum the fridge coils, clean the dryer vents, and wipe the rear surfaces with a dampened dust cloth. Also, give a floor a good sweep. It is highly important to be careful not to disconnect any gas or water lines while removing appliances.


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