The year 2021 has thrown a major financial curveball in all sectors of our life. However, if anything, demand for housing still stands firm and many home builders are keeping their pace, especially the ones coming from states that had shut down the constructions. However, the high rise in construction around the country has resulted in more demand for raw materials, leading to increased costs for builders. To avoid high construction prices, home builders should look for ways to cut back expenses in labor and/or land areas.

It is essential to make sure that your estimate is accurate when you are starting a new project. Accuracy holds an important place in planning the project since any type of error made during this stage will affect your project later on.

Before drafting the design, look at these money-saving strategies and ideas to analyze if your design can be improved or be aligned with your budget more efficiently.

  • Hire an experienced architect

If you are not familiar with the concept of planning or working on a home design, it is best suited that you opt for an experienced architect to avoid potential risks. Make sure you hire an expert architect that can turn your vision of your dream house into a reality. You must communicate all the design requirements to the architect. Another tip that can help you is to ask for valuable suggestions to achieve a better result for your house.

Your contractor and designer should work side by side. They must stay in touch and look for all possibilities regarding cost-cutting techniques. Only one option should be agreed upon in architectural terms. More designs will result in spending more money.

  • Avoid implementing complex designs

Being a homeowner is exciting since you are full of ideas and designs about how you want to design your dream house. However, there will be times when you will have to forget the complicated designs, especially when you are on a budget. Complex designs require a lot of material and labor, which are the two most costly factors in building a house. Thus, it is important to keep your design elegant and simple.

Complex designs can be of many types, such as complicated floor plans, angles, and curves, complex trim packages, wide landscapes, decks, etc. The sole reason for avoiding complex designs is that construction takes more time and money due to complexity. In addition, labor costs can be highly expensive, so having a simple design for your home is suitable to help you save a handful of money. A reduced schedule also eradicates the contractor’s fee since the number of days the job site trailer, toilet facilities on the site, and sit superintendent is reduced.

By decreasing the number of corners in your home, it becomes easier and quicker to construct. Having a ripple effect can impact the different line items in your budget. Removing some of the ins and outs can save time in setting up slabs and laying out the wall framing, wall finish, trim, etc.

Moreover, the contractor will have a lesser chance of making mistakes if your design is simple yet elegant.

  • Purchase the materials yourself

Normally, you should let your contractor make the material purchase. However, when we talk about cutting costs, doing the purchase yourself will save you a significant amount of money. Contractors will not bargain on your behalf the way you would, and even if they do, the difference will go in their pockets rather than savings done by you.

  • Choose the right roofing style

This can be out of the blue, but the type of roof you install in your house will affect your cost one way or the other. Being too fancy with the roof style may make your house classy but will increase the cost. Thus, if you wish to reduce your cost, you should go for hipped roofs and gable designs. Such designs are elegant, simple, and thus require less labor and money. Furthermore, it also requires less material which again, will save you money.

Since the roof is the most expensive material overall in your budget, you must choose wisely. A simple roof, single ridgeline with a shallow pitch is a great design that works best if you have a budget. The most complicated roof systems, such as hips and valleys with a deeper pitch appeal to the eyes, however, are very expensive.

  • Use drywall on interior

Use drywall on the interior of your ceiling instead of pin paneling. This is because pine paneling will cost you twice, and cedar paneling is even more expensive than pine.

  • Reduce square footage

Another way to reduce cost is to reduce the square footage of the entire house. Try to think of a small, cozy house to save a lot of money. Another way is to build upwards, like a two-story.

  • Avoid changing orders

Last-minute changes, also known as changing orders in the design or material, can cause you a fortune. Save money for mending serious errors. You must remember that it is cost-effective when you make changes in your design while you are ‘designing’ your home. This makes your construction process more affordable and saves you from investing unnecessary money upfront on a design that may seem out of your budget in the future.

  • Hire skilled workers

If you decide to hire staff members that are great at what they do and can multitask, your workforce will get many things done on time and with less staff.

Although the process of recruiting good staff is long, it is worth it since such workers are invaluable and can save you time and money in the future. Hence, you must treat your staff accordingly, and you can retain the talent from these staff members that you have secured.


Last but not the least, another strategy that you can keep in your list is to look for budget-friendly plot options. Having said so, there are ample options in the residential and commercial areas that will cost you less.

No doubt, location is foremost the biggest factor in the entire cost framework.

The construction sector has tight margins; that is to say, that businesses working in this sector have to be mindful of where each penny is going during each project to make a profit.

There must be clear communication during construction projects, whether it is planning the project or discussing the materials for it. Lack of communication during this time can lead to several issues that can cost you more money.

With the right set of mind and information, anything can be achieved. If you want to add more to this article, share your ideas below in the comment section.



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