How to Set Up the Perfect Prayer Room for Ramzan?

As we are easing into the last ten days of Ramzan, it is essential that a separate prayer room is set up if praying is part of one’s daily routine. Most houses have designated spaces for designated tasks; kitchen for cooking, living room for relaxing, bedroom for sleeping and study room for work. Hence, it is essential to decorate the ideal prayer room to make it easier to connect with Almighty Allah. It will minimise distractions during Salah and will also help create that calm and serene feeling. brings you a number of ways you can easily decorate a prayer room in your house. 


Choose the Right Place 

Muslims can pray anywhere in the world but they have to face the Qibla when making the prayer. Assess your home and choose the area which has the most potential to be a dedicated prayer area. Prayer areas should be secluded and without distractions to allow one to focus on one’s spirituality. You can use an existing room that is underutilised or you can divide a bigger room using folding screens to create a private space. A spot near a window will also act as a zen space for prayer. Try to use this space for prayer purposes and avoid using it for other reasons such as using social media or playing games. 


Gather the Essentials

The one item that is required for a prayer area is a rug. However, you can put other essentials in the area to minimise disturbances during prayer. You can set up a rack, table or cabinet where you can place the Quran with other Islamic books. You can also store rosary and prayer mat in the cabinet for easy access. Similarly, scarves, robes or caps can be placed within reach. 


Select the Right Flooring 

The next thing to keep in mind when decorating a prayer room is the flooring. This space will be used five times a day. While praying, you will also be on your knees. So, the type of flooring should match your requirement. If you have tiles or marble, you should place a thick prayer mat. e is known to signify relaxing sentiments. You can also use another layer of carpet or foam to make it softer. However, if you have a carpet flooring, you can simply lay your prayer mat and use it as it is. The carpets will muffle the sounds and make it comfortable for sitting or praying.   


Opt for Calming Colour Scheme 

Studies have shown that the colour scheme of your surroundings have an impact on your mood essentially because colours are a form of energy. Certain colours invoke a calm feeling while other colours invoke feelings of happiness. For example, red is associated with excitement and power while blue is associated with relaxing feelings. Variations are expected in how colours impact individuals but the underlying notion is that there is some correlation present. Therefore, for a prayer room, pick colours that have a soothing effect. Stick to neutrals to achieve the desired ambience. Neutral colours will uplift the room and create a comfortable atmosphere. This will also allow more room for decorating the room further according to taste or as the situation evolves. One can also add ornaments and decorative pieces later on to further enhance the ambience. There is simply more room to grow.


Create a Spiritual Experience 

Every Muslim strives to have Khushu’ (humility) during prayers. While it is mainly an inner struggle to achieve that, your surroundings can help give you that kick start to achieve your goals. For this purpose, creating a spiritual environment in your prayer room is important. The first thing to do in a prayer room is to de-clutter it and clean it so it feels fresh and peaceful. Next, as per Islamic etiquette, one should also shower, wear clean clothes and smell good before praying. To calm the mind, one can also make use of aromatherapy and light some scented candles or use an air freshener to create a pleasant aroma. 


Make it Beautiful 

Decorating the prayer room is an insignificant yet impactful way to set up the perfect prayer room for Ramzan. To make it beautiful, decorate it with items that bring you joy. Put up some plants because they not only purify the air, but also are great to decorate a room. Moreover, if you have the option, place some fresh flowers everyday to bring that pleasant smell and vibrant colours into the room. Placing Islamic geometric patterns and calligraphy are also good options to decorate those empty walls and bring some energy into the room. 


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