Industrial waste treatment plants worth Rs2 billion to be installed in Karachi

Karachi: An amount of Rs2 billion has been allocated in the fiscal year 2019-20 for the installation of sewerage lines in industrial areas. It includes the establishment of five Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) in Karachi. These have the capacity to filter 94 million gallons of industrial waste every day before it is dumped into the sea.

The respective project stands at a cost of Rs11.7 billion and will be completed by June 2021. The federal government will have a share of 33% and 67% of the share will go to the provincial government.

CETP-II is to be constructed in Trans-Lyari with a capacity to treat 27 million gallons of industrial waste, CETP-III will be constructed for North Karachi industrial zones and Federal B Area, CETP-IV for Landhi and Korangi industrial areas with the capacity to treat 26 million gallons of industrial waste on an everyday basis. Similarly CETP-V built on the Super Highway for SITE industrial zone will treat 10 million gallons of waste daily.

Tenders for the intercepting and installation of sewerage lines at Korangi, SITE and Maripur, have been opened. Construction work on it will commence in August.

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