Intelligent traffic management system installed on Islamabad Expressway

ISLAMABAD:  The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has installed an intelligent traffic management system on Islamabad Expressway.

Reportedly, the civic agency is on a mission to introduce a smart traffic system in the capital, whose formal start has been taken with the expressway. The system would extend to Kashmir Highway, Margalla Road and other major avenues of the city in the second phase.

The Chief Commissioner and IG Islamabad paid a visit to the control room of the intelligent traffic system (ITS).

Sources reveal that ITS on Islamabad highway was kicked off as a pilot project, which will be connected to all major roads including Kashmir Highway, Margalla Road, and others within the next six months.

The system is expected to improve road awareness and management, and help address the growing problem of traffic density.


What comprises ITS?

ITS comprises of:

  • Smart traffic lights
  • Electronic signage
  • Mobile application for general public (Capital Road Information System)
  • Outreach through smart media

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