Islamabad to receive billions for infrastructure development projects: PSDP 2019-20

Islamabad: An allocation of billions of rupees has been made in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2019-20 by the federal government. It is in regards to the new development schemes in the within Islamabad.

In respect to new schemes, the government has proposed Rs425 million to be for Korang River and Rawal Lake Water Treatment. The estimated cost for these projects however stands at Rs3516 million and are yet to be approved.

A cost of Rs75 million has been set for the in process Land Revenue Record Management System in rural areas and Rs50 million for a multipurpose sports ground.

Other projects include sewerage system and solid waste management with a proposed cost worth Rs100 million.

In regards to the ongoing development schemes, Rs59 million have been proposed for 4 police stations in different sectors of the capital, Rs289 million for establishment of model police stations and Rs225 million for establishment of National Forensic Science Agency and laboratory, Rs30 million for raising the cyber patrolling unit, Rs32 million for conservation and development of rain water resources, Rs50 million for the ongoing construction of judicial and administration complex, Rs50 million for the ongoing project of construction of additional family suits for the members of Parliament, Rs33 million for promotion of rain water harvesting techniques and Rs30 million for promotion of solar water pumping system for irrigation in the capital.

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