Kamyab Jawan Programme – A step towards self-employed Pakistan

Pakistan’s 64% population is younger than 30, while 29% is between 15 and 29. In the past 72 years, we never had such an exceptional number of youth as we have today; and interestingly, this number will continue to grow until at least 2050.

The recently launched ‚ÄėKamyab Jawan Program‚Äô is a pertinent realisation of this potential. The flagship program will provide the youth numerous opportunities aimed at entrepreneurship, civic engagement, skill training, education and employment.

There are six different initiatives that will be unveiled under Kamyab Jawan Program. These include Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, Skill for All, Startup Pakistan Programme, Green Youth Movement, Internship Programme, and Jawan Markaz.


Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES)

For now, Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) has been officially launched. Under this initiative, the young aspiring entrepreneurs will receive subsidised business loans to either scale up or initiate their own startups. The purpose is to promote SME sector in Pakistan with the help of incredible young workforce. Secondly, the program will help reduce the bourgeoning unemployment. Lastly, it will develop a sense of competition by nurturing business ideas.

A total of Rs100 billion has been allocated to the program, which will be disbursed to as much as 52% of the country’s population. In an effort to promote women’s economic empowerment, 25% of the total loans will be given to young females who plan to establish their own businesses.

YES has been developed in collaboration with three departments:


i. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

It is a private, non-profit company that focuses on eliminating poverty in Pakistan. The company facilitates like-minded public-private collaborations that work towards achieving social and economic change in Pakistan.

In Kamyab Jawan Program, the PPAF looks after the transfer of assets to the individuals.

ii. State Bank of Pakistan and Banks

SBP and three national banks; National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Khyber and Bank of Punjab will give interest-free loans.

iii. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA)

SMEDA will help the loan beneficiaries with business ideas, plans and necessary training.


  • All men/women/transgender having a CNIC and aged between 21 and 45 years.
  • For applicants seeking loans for IT/e-commerce related businesses, the lower age limit is 18 years; while educational qualification should be at least matriculation and/or experience of at least 06 months.

Women Economic Empowerment

  • 25% of the total loans will be given to women borrowers.


Loan Size and Guarantee

Tier 1

Loan Amount                                                   Rs100,000 to Rs500,000       

Security Requirement                         Only Personal Guarantee

Tier 2

Loan Amount                                                   Rs500,001 to Rs5,000,000    

Security Requirement                                     1. Commercial Vehicle
2. Gold Ornaments
3. Government Securities
4. Mortgage of House

Loan Type

  • Working Capital

Loan Tenure

  • Up to 8 years with maximum extension of up to 1 year

Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Tier1 Loans = 90:10
  • Tier 2 Loans = 80:20

The borrower’s contribution will be in the form of cash or immovable property, subject to approval of the loan.


  • Tier 1 Loans: Fixed @ 6% per annum
  • Tier 2 Loans: Fixed @ 8% per annum

Fee and Charges

  • Processing Fee: Rs100
  • Other Charges: At actuals
  • Only successful applicants will pay the required and payable charges

Processing Duration

  • 30 working days

Loan application Mode

  • All applications are submitted online.


Kamyab Jawan Programme

To apply for a YES loan, click here.


Other initiatives of Kamyab Jawan Program

‚ÄėSkill for All Programme‚Äô

This program will provide technical and vocational training to 150,000 youth in both traditional and tech-centered vocations/trades.

‚ÄėStartup Pakistan Programme‚Äô

In this program, progressive and ambitious young entrepreneurs will be trained on how to conceive, nurture and execute business ideas with the help of digital incubation centres.

‚ÄėGreen Youth Movement‚Äô

This program aims at tackling environmental and climate change crises by giving small grants to young entrepreneurs.

‚ÄėInternship Programme‚Äô

Under this initiative, the undergraduate and postgraduate students will have internship opportunities in the private sector to get maximum exposure of the corporate culture.

‚ÄėJawan Markaz‚Äô

It is expected to be a one-stop solution to all issues related to youth. It will serve to be a platform where the youth can raise their problems and seek viable solutions. Jawan Markaz will not only engage youth in different activities but also provide career counselling, mentoring and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Final Word

With Kamyab Jawan Program, the government looks forward to creating an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country, which will develop self-reliance, confidence and professional expertise in the youth.

It is good to learn that the public’s response to the program has been incredible. According to latest data shared on PM Imran Khan’s social media page, a total of 190,000 applications have so far been received within just 72 hours of the program launch. Likewise, 1.8 million youth have visited the website since Friday.

We wish all the beneficiaries best of luck for their business ventures.

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