Lahore Parking Company plans to outsource parking lots

Lahore: The government is trying to revive the outsourcing of city parking lots. The agenda was discussed in a meeting between the local government and Community Development Department Secretary Captain Saif Anjum (Retd).

In August 2010, government formed the Lahore Parking Company (LPC) for regulation of parking lots and plazas owned by the presently Municipal Corporation Lahore.

LPC was however relieved of operational burden by outsourcing 66 of the 220 sites to a private company which had been an unsuccessful experience as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had to intervene into the issue.

Mr. Anjum said that meanwhile regulation of parking lots by LPC or outsourcing them is manageable, we are trying to devise a plan which can earn revenue as well as provide relief to motorists as a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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