Filled with imaginative storage solutions, improvisational uses of colors and toys, adding undeniably innovative details, we must give a little room to our kids, for their favorite outside-the-box yet naïve approaches. While being done with ‘adult-ing’ and fighting the urge to be a kid again, I’ve put this urge to a better use and rounded up some favorite ideas to convince you, that keeping it young is the only way to go. These adventurous, soulful room ideas for children boast some serious style. From putting a cheeky spin on important vintage to letting toys take center stage, one gets totally smitten with their joyous energy and boundless creativity.

Meet the rooms that would make you never want to grow up. One can always optimize these idea and integrate them if a free space is available. Don’t worry if you don’t have space, one can always utilize any corner in your child’s room to make them a play area, so that they’re in touch with fun. Incorporating modern takes that are still playful and are functional enough for a growing child is the goal we have to achieve.

Let their personalities shine:

The ultimate goal is to let you child grow. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, give them enough space to be who they want to be rather than molding their personalities into what you want them to be- a common trend in Pakistan. Because most parents want their children’s rooms to be spaces that reflect their personalities and groom them that way. In order to achieve growth, let the room reflect your child’s spirit while also making it timeless enough to last their changing ideas, passions, and tastes. You can do this by utilizing fun pillows or covers, along with wall art that pushes them to be whom they want to be. An aesthetic look can be achieved that reflects layers in personality because as per child psychology, children pick their surroundings.

Make room to play:

If your children are young and you don’t have any empty room in your homes to transform into a play area, the most basic tip is: save space! The ideal tip is to choose bunk beds. Bunk beds are commonly expensive, so if you have young children who won’t grow out of them soon, this is the ideal option. If the option of bunk beds is undoable, one should take full advantage of vertical space, opting for narrow and tall furniture. Other than beds, use bookcases because it’s not only about fun but about learning and growth. Since typical Pakistan homes already closets, storage space can be managed. But if you’re not that lucky, a well-designed closet is essential to maximizing space, since use of bulky furniture for storage can be avoided. Add wooden planks on walls to display your children’s toys or pictures.

Ditch the theme:

Taking into account the modern trends, ditch the themes and opt for removable wallpapers, murals, beautiful wall art, incorporate classic stools, and stylish pillows. A kid’s room can fill up quickly with items like art, books, and toys that is why keeping the wall colors neutral is ideal. The goal behind ditching themes are going for removable things is ideal because kids constantly grow. They get creative may outgrow things that they used to follow religiously. Utilizing innovative techniques like adding the rustic charm of this wallpaper, makes the entire room feel both casual and sophisticated.

Bedroom essentials for learning:

Personally being a fan of the color yellow, I know that bring out the joyous bubbly side of me. Similarly, different colors bring out the best in children. Make sure that while decorating your child’s room, you must play with different colors so that they don’t miss out on any color. To decide what goes in their rooms, the age of children is key. Some fun must haves for you children’s room are dynamic. If you have young toddlers, using blocks for learning, along with stuffed toys and walkers. If you have children who can run around the house, put their energy to good use and incorporate indoor rock climbers. Of course after taking all the necessary precautions, one can utilize half wall for this adventurous activity that would ensure and support your child’s sporty side. Apart from that, have a painting corner is also doable and would bring out their artistic side and make sure to hang those masterpieces on walls to encourage your child. This tips are both, if you girls and boys, apart from storing their dolls or racing cars in the rooms. The idea is to play around and bring innovation in your child’s life as simply as their lives are.


If you’re a small family of three and your baby is an infant, you’d want a room or a corner for them. Some easy hacks to achieve just the perfect look are, firstly, choosing a crib. Because cribs are expensive and you go shedding thousands on a crib, shop around for budget alternatives and options. Modern times call for modern measures, look for transformable cribs that will change into a toddler bed when the time comes. Secondly, you might be tempted to decorate your baby’s crib with an array of pillows and plush toys, you only need one of each. Stick to cute patterned bedding and Minimal styling décor on a budget is the goal. Not a lot of space? Add some attractive baskets and shelves to get yourself a makeshift storage option that tucks away all toys and clothes while maintaining the neatness.

These are some of the easy hacks, tips and tricks to give your children a creative bedroom, where they can grow and have the fun they want. Guys, please leave in the comments below any more tips if you have or share pictures of your children’s bedrooms, if you’ve transformed any.

Happy awakening your inner child for your child!

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