Master plan of Islamabad: Easier said than done

Islamabad: In the fourth meeting of the federal commission, strategies for the new master plan of Islamabad have been discussed.

The first master plan of Islamabad had been laid out 58 years back. There has been no review since then. As a result disorganization and absence of feasible planning has taken over.

In regards to resolve long-standing issues and streamline the landscape of Islamabad, the Federal Commission Secretary and Director Master Planning, Zafar Iqbal Zafar held a detailed discussion.

He pressed on the need to hire the services of consultants to create Terms of Reference (TORs). Town planners, private housing schemes and other stakeholders will be consulted.

Zafar also identified the need for studies about housing, transport, environment, solid waste management, water, education, health, geology, base map, and infrastructure.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Amir Ali Ahmed said they were aware of all the surfacing issues. Zoning regulations and building By-Laws will be reviewed by the committees. Regulations on housing schemes, commercialisation, acquisition and land disposal will be devised.

The core aim of the master plan is to facilitate locals and address issues faced by them. Efforts are also being made to withdraw the green areas from the occupation mafia.

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