Modern Retro Interior Design in 2021

If you’re scrolling through Instagram, you are most likely to find interiors in retro-fashioned flavour. This is because people are increasingly bringing retro styled decor pieces inside their homes to bring warmth and character. These pieces transport them into a time in the past, filled with nostalgia and sweet memories. Not only do they ignite good memories, they also look fashionable.  

If you’re looking to reminisce about the era of ‘60s and ‘70s, has you covered. Get ready to find decorative trends that are making a comeback. 


Recycled Materials



The world is changing and the archaic notions of extravagance and glitz and glam are no longer resonating with the practical youth. The architectural design is also focusing more on the sustainable aspects of modern living to allow citizens to live in a more mindful way. They are more conscious of their environment and the impact their lifestyle has on the people. Thus, modern architecture along with fashion trends are catering to the sustainable aspect of living. Thanks to innovation and technological advances, sustainable furniture does not mean they are of inferior quality


Floral Patterns


Floral patterns have been in fashion since decades; whether it has been the Mesopotamian art or Mughal design, it has won hearts over the centuries. The traditional appeal of a floral print can jazz up a space within minutes. It can blow new life into an otherwise boring space. You can add minimalist flowers or you can go bold with your statement choices. However, bear in mind that this can go south any minute. Maintaining the delicate balance is of essence in order to hit the bull’s eye with the design. When done perfectly, the floral prints will add texture, colour and warmth to any space. 


Handmade Ornaments 



Handmade ornaments made out of clay, jute and paper are all talk of the town. It corresponds to the Chinese notion of Feng shui which focuses on creating the perfect balance within a living space. It can be done by utilising the natural elements within our living spaces. The concept is now a new one; people have been making use of grass, bamboo and clay to make their homes. But recently, the idea has gained momentum because not only does it look better, it supports local craftsmen and is an economical way to decorate your home. 


Bold Furniture 



Want to opt for a moody decor? Follow these two steps: paint your walls a loud colour and get the orange tweed fabric sofa. Coupled with a classic 1970s armchair, you can really bring back the retro trend back in fashion. Retro fashion is about opening the pandora box of the past and carefully picking out trends that most resonate with you. Choose the characteristics that best fit your personal style and incorporate them into your house. There is really no right or wrong way to go about this! 


Statement Artwork 



The mantra that works every time is to pick an art piece and make it into the focal object. You can choose from the myriad of options available, be it minimalist or Scandinavian design, or a colour painting inspired by the Iranian art, any art piece can spice up your room. Look for colours, patterns, texture and sizes best suited to your liking. You can even opt for one gigantic art piece or a small set of carefully arranged geometric decor pieces. The options are limitless and you can easily let your creative juices flow. 

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