B-17 is a sector of Islamabad also known as Multi Gardens. It lies in Zone 2 of Islamabad and is developed by Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). It is area wise the largest project of the co-operative society and Multi Gardens itself is a very large project, probably the largest in terms of co-operative society projects that almost covers 12000 kanals. It exists at the western edge of Islamabad. The sector is bounded on the east by N-5 National Highway famously known as Grand Trunk Road and with Motorway (M-1) to the west. Multi Gardens has situated off a prime location connecting with KPK, Gilgit, Baltistan, Punjab, and Islamabad. This sector is a gateway to Islamabad from upcountry including Afghanistan, Central Asian states, and China through Margalla Avenue. It also serves a central point for Hasanabadal, Wah Cantt and Taxila. Multi Gardens has thus become one of the prime prospects for promoting investment in real estate and developing housing schemes of a high standard.

Multi Gardens is divided into two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. The first phase is sub-divided into three blocks: A, B and C. Phase 1 of Multi Gardens spans across more than 5000 kanals of land with 4000 plus residential plots. It is situated along the GT road just a kilometer before Taxila bypass. Multi Gardens Phase 2 is divided into Block C-1 which happens to be the extension for Block C. Other blocks include D, E and F. With respect to the official Islamabad map: Block A Block B and Block C come under the fold of CDA and Block D, E and F are present in Rawalpindi. Block G touching the Motorway is a newly launched block and minimal development work is done by the society in this block.

The ‘Multi Gardens’ Project has been tailored on cooperative principles that provide six different sizes of Residential plots catering to the needs of all categories of income groups.

House Plots



Residential Commercial Shop

5 Marla

8 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla 5 Marla 8 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla 5 Marla 10 Marla


1 Marla
75-95 Lac


1.2 to 1.5 Crore 1.5 to 1.9 Crore 3 – 3.8  Crore 25-30 Lac 32-48 Lac 40-60 Lac 80 Lac-1.1 Crore 90 Lac-1.25 Crore 1.7 – 2.5 Crore 35-55 Lac


As per the development status of Phase 1, all the blocks, Block A, B, and C are completely developed with the provision of all life amenities. These include underground wiring of electricity, availability of gas and water supplies, running electricity connections, mosques, parks, places to eat, a safe gated community, security staff, community centers, recreational facilities, and a post office.

b 17

b 17

It is mature in regards to infrastructure and the construction of residential houses. Families are currently residing. Phase 1 of the B-17 Multi Gardens is fully carpeted with roads and markets in here are functional. Whereas Blocks D, E, and F are partially developed. Despite the installation of gas lines and sewerage system, availability of electricity connections and construction of roads, these areas have however have not been populated with housing units. Considering G Block is completely new, no development work has been observed as yet.

Talking about the available facilities for B-17 Multi Gardens, Block A of the B-17 Multi Gardens has its own supermarkets and grocery stores with the availability of all products for daily use. These include Chaudhary Super Store, Crescent Cash & Carry, Family Mart departmental store and Multi Mart. Block C has its own grocery store. As far as the availability of mosques is concerned, Block B, Block E, Block F have their own mosques, while rest are under construction.

In regards to amenities for shopping malls in Islamabad and eateries, Centaurus Mall lies only at a distance of 45 minutes from society. Block B, however, has its own Safa Café, Lahori Chaskay, Makkah Naan Center, Zaiqolay Restaurant, Capital Kitchen and Wasfa Restaurant-House of Recipes. Dining places for Block A include Fresh Up Zone and small lakeside café. Bakeries like Al Shabbir Sweets in Taxila or Patisserie Bakery in Sarai Khola are also accessible at a drive of 17 to 18 minutes.

B-17 Multi Gardens is also well equipped with facilities and amenities for outdoor activities and fitness. The popular amongst residents of B-17 include, a Lake View Park and a family park in Block A featuring kids play area and a jogging track, a Zeeshan Children Park in Block B with walking tracks, play areas, a football ground, and designated parking spaces. Block C has its own family park as well. B-17 Multi Gardens also has its own sports stadiums. One of them has been allocated for cricket solely named Waqar Cricket Ground. The other stadium has been owed to football. They are fully developed and functional stadiums with the facilities of power lights for lighting up the grounds at night. It is easily approachable from Wah, Taxila, Sanjani, Dhok Paracha, Sarai Khola and a number of other localities. Additional fitness facilities include a Ladies Gym in Block B.

b 17

b 17

B-17 Multi Gardens has the availability of state of the art educational institutes. These include its own university named Sir Syed CASE of Technology. Additionally, schools like Islamabad School System in Block A, Qurtuba School in Block B and more like Air Foundation School System, The Smart School, The City School and campuses of Turk International Schools are also situated in the society. Having The Heavy Industries Taxila Education City (HITEC) in its vicinity, the residents of Multi Gardens also have access to HITEC Schools and University. Approachable at a distance of around 9 to 10 km, residents of Multi Gardens Islamabad can also access the University of Wah, Mashal Degree College for Women and Wah Engineering College, which are situated in Quaid Avenue, Wah, Rawalpindi. Government Degree College for Boys in Taxila, Rawalpindi and COMSATS University Islamabad on GT Road, Quaid Avenue can also be reached conveniently from Multi Gardens Islamabad.

Multi Gardens B-17 also makes the provision of bill payments and day to day transactions easy for its residents. Branches of JS Bank and Habib Bank Limited are available in Block B.

Being in close proximity to The Christian Hospital Taxila on Faisal Shaheed Road at a distance of 10 kilometers, the residents of Multi Gardens also have access to fine medical facilities. POF Hospital in Quaid Avenue, Wah Cantt and Al-Abbas Hospital on GT Road, Taxila is also approachable from Multi Gardens Islamabad. B-17 society moreover can also access clinics like Shamim Clinic, Daji Clinic and Al Shifa Clinic for regular check-ups or for minor health-related issues.

Strategically positioned, B-17 Multi Gardens has access through Motorway Interchange and Margalla Road. The close access to the Islamabad International Airport makes this housing scheme an ideal living address in Islamabad. In terms of investment, almost all of the blocks in Multi-Gardens B-17 can be considered. However, the newer blocks would be more suitable. Still, under development, B-17 Multi Gardens is an attractive opportunity for investors to invest in as it is expected to yield greater returns on investments. Block G still in its development phase is a place where buyers seek to purchase a property on affordable rates as the rates are significantly low here and the plots still have a substantial number of installments remaining. Blocks D and E could also work as a good investment opportunity as prices are expected to increase in the future.

b 17

B-17 Multi Gardens is a well-planned society of high standards. Located at an optimal location, the society has access to all life amenities while several more under development. As a long term plan, investing and living in this society could be a good decision to make.

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