Municipal Administration cancels license for businesses using state land for commercial purposes in Islamabad

Islamabad: Licenses issued to people allowing the use of state land for commercial purposes have been cancelled by Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA).

In a letter from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the CDA Director Building Control Faisal Naeem said that people were using state land for businesses on the basis of permission granted by DMA.

DMA cannot issue any licenses for use of state land without permission of the CDA Planning Wing, said Faisal Naeem. In regards to this, the DMA has cancelled all temporary licenses with a confirmation from DMA Director Shafi Marwat on withdrawing all such permissions issued without the permission of CDA’s planning wing.

Licenses had been issued formerly for use of state land for commercial purposes in major commercial areas and sectors F-6, F-7, F-8 and F-10.

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