New master plan for Rawalpindi under development by RDA

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government directs Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to develop a new master plan for Rawalpindi’s next 30 years.

As the approval of the provincial govt. comes for the terms of reference for a master plan for Rawalpindi’s next 30 years, the go-ahead for a consultant to be hired will be given in the governing body’s meeting which will be held on July 25th.

The Punjab government decision was confirmed by RDA Chairman Arif Abbasi.

RDA was advised to develop a master plan for Rawalpindi as the CDA may face planning-problems in the absence of a master plan for Rawalpindi, as the twin cities are connected and Rawalpindi has expanded continuously along with the problems.

In the absence of a master plan, the roads have shrunk causing the traffic conditions to deteriorate, along with the city facing a shortage of water, housing, commercial areas, and other facilities.

The streamlined areas include residential, commercial, industrial and green areas, along with addressing issues related to traffic, increasing urbanization, shortage of water, electricity, gas, sewage, providing telephone connections, and managing hospitals, educational institutions, streetlights, parks.

Short-term plans for five-year development will be introduced, along with one policy for all the civic bodies in the city and cantonment areas for the smooth functioning.

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