NHA proceeding towards self-sufficiency: Murad Saeed

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Communications Murad Saeed on Thursday said that National Highway Authority (NHA) would soon reach the target of increasing revenue up to Rs100 billion, moving towards self-sufficiency, as the authority’s revenue increased by a 52% during the fiscal year.
After five years, the NHA would be able to build highways and motorways with its resources. He said this while addressing a seminar on ‚ÄúChallenges to Enforcement on National Highways and Motorways,‚ÄĚ according to a press release.
Murad Saeed said that with the hard work put in to save every single penny, so far Rs10 billion has been recovered within NHA. According to a press release, the Minister told that his Ministry did not get a single penny from the government during the first fiscal year and continued projects with their limited resources. It was also informed that more motorways would be constructed, and 1,275 km of new roads would be built.
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